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Tetsuhiko Asai’s Passing

Countries hold memorial tournaments, camps and events commemorating Tetsuhiko Asai Shuseki  

August 16th, 2006
(At 6am, the first morning after his passing))
An alter was set up at the dojo in Switzerland, and the students burned incense in prayer (Lead by Bruno Koller)
November, 2006 J.K.S. I.J.K.A. memorial camp held in Shanghai (Lead by Cheung Wai)
March, 2007 College students learning karate gathered in Taipei from across Taiwan to participate in the memorial camp (Lead by Chen Hsin-koei)
Memorial events and training held with members below (lead by Lin maw tsu):
  • Chen Hont-sung(President, Taipei Karatedo Association)
  • Lin maw-tsu (Advisor, Taipei Karatedo Association)
  • Chen Hsin-koei (Board member, Taipei Karatedo Association)
  • So Chi-shing (Board member, Taipei Karatedo Association)
  • Toshiyuki Kidokoro (Board member, Taipei Karatedo Association)
Secretary Chief of Taiwan Karatedo Federation sends condolences from Taichung
Shuji Sato Sensei and Masanobu Ito Sensei visit from Hokkaido, burns incense in prayer Akiko Satomura (Board member, Yokohama Kenbukai) hosts memorial event
April, 2007 Jo Uryu Sensei visits from Brasil, burns incense in prayer
May, 2007 Memorial camp in Switzerland (Lead by Bruno Koller)
June, 2007 J.K.S. and I.J.K.A. host joint memorial camp (Lead by Charlize Lee)
J.K.S. and I.J.K.A. memorial camp in Hawaii (Edward Fujiwara)
Mr. Walter Chihara sends condolences (see comments)
Kosaku Yokota sends condolences from San Francisco.
Mr. K. Funakoshi sends condolences from San Francisco
July, 2007 J.K.S. I.J.K.A. joint memorial tournament in Hong Kong (Lead by関駿年)
October, 2007 Memorial event in Abiko City, Chiba Pref. Japan (Lead by Sato, Katsuno and Miura)
  • Akiko Satomura from Wheelchair Karate Yokohama Kenbukai
Shuji Sato Sensei hosts the 6th All Hokkaido Karatedo Selection Championship (in memory of Master Asai) in Hokkaido
March, 2008 Yutaka Yaguchi Sensei, a long-time friend of Master Asai, visits from Colorado, US, to visit his grave and shares stories from their youth
May, 2008 Memorial camp in Switzerland (Lead by Bruno Koller)
uMay, 15th 2008 Mr. Kosaku Yokota holds memorial training across Americas including Mexico
June, 29 2009 Memorial Karate World Championship takes place in South Africa
August 15th, 2009 Memorial training takes place across the US in commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of Tetsuhiko Asai’s passing
・San Jose Dojo, California, USA
・Florida Dojo, USA
・Veracruz Dojo, Mexico
・Los Cabos Dojo, Mexico

More reports on events to be posted soon.