Membership Application

If you wish to join IJKA, please be sure to read IJKA Rules and Policies first.
If you agree with our policies:
A. Send the karatedo history of the instructor in charge of the organization along with a copy of his/her dan certificate, to IJKA Secretariat.
B. Upon receiving a letter of admission from the IJKA evaluation committee and confirming Payment Method, please make your payment.
C. Your registration process will take place once the payment is confirmed.

About Fee


annual fee JPY 15,000


annual fee JPY 3,500(Including Karate Passport fee)

※Individual Membership Annual Fee

  • Karate Passport will be issued only one time, so the membership fee will be JPY 3,000yen from the second renewal.
    Replacement of a lost Karate Passport will cost JPY 500 yen.
  • Once you receive the certificate from headquarters, sign the receipt, and send the scanned image of the receipt back to headquarters.
  • The membership fee must be wired to headquarters from the applicant's name, otherwise the head office will not be able to recognize whom the certificate is for.
  • When transferring the membership fee, the name of the recipient must be IJKA, otherwise the office will not be able to retrieve the funds.

Dan Grading Fee

Shodan JPY 20,000
2DAN JPY 25,000
3DAN JPY 30,000
4DAN JPY 40,000
5DAN JPY 60,000
6DAN JPY 80,000
7DAN JPY 100,000
8DAN JPY 140,000

Certification Transfer

Evaluation fee JPY 3,000
Transfer fee JPY 3,000

Recommended Dan

annual fee JPY 20,000+Dan Grading Fee

Honorary Dan

annual fee JPY 20,000+Dan Grading Fee

Certification fee

Dan JPY 5,000
examiner JPY 5,000
judge JPY 5,000
instructor JPY 5,000

1. Annual fee for Branch certification (Group membership) will be JPY15,000

2. JPY5,000 will be charged in addition to the current basic Dan Grading fee

3. JPY1,000 will be charged in addition to the current basic individual membership fee.

These additional amounts account for shipping, PayPal and bank transaction fees.