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Usually disabled and able-bodied people don't compete together.However,for the first time in the world,wheelcchair Karate has changed this.Asai sensei is coustantly thinking about martial arts,and often his ideas transcend normal noundaries.Pecently wheelchacr Karate has been developing around the world.

The Origions of Wheelchair Karate.

Karate usually involves the training of the four limbs and torso of the body.However,Asai sensei's idea is that even if somebody loses the use of one's legs,the can still do Karate and challeage their spirit.Plus,if we do wheelchair Karate everyone is on the same playing feild,whether they are disabled or able-bodied.Asai sensei started creating wheelchair Karate many years ago lnitially it came from practising Karate demonstrations where a chair was used.From this,Asai sensei was able to develope the idea of how to use one's body without using one's legs.This process started forty years ago,but at the time people found it hard to accept,fortunately now people are more willing to accept new ideas.

Under the auspices of the non-profit organisation Japan Karate Shotokai,Asai sensei is providing an opportunity to learn about Karate,health and enter into the Karate community.And as time goes by,the wheelchair Karate organisation is getting bigger,stronger and more widely accepted.

Wheelchair Karate has ten kata (Sho,Ni,San,You and Go "Rin",and each "Rin"kata has both sho (small) and dai (lerge).)Asai sensei created the kata,with the best way to teach disabled people in mind.

From Asai sensei all the hombu dojo instructors and regional heads of the JKS have studied wheelchair Karate,and now it is spreading internationally.Hopefully someday soon it will enter the paraolympice.

However,wheelchair Karate is not only for disabled people.The elderly and weak bodied my also gain from doing this Karate.

The first wheelchair Karate competition was held last september (2001).The competition was in individual kara and competitors came from all over the world to compete.At thet time both abled-bodied and disabied people competed together,making it the first such event ever to take place.