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Tesasho Training Methods

The very basic training method of Tesasho is very similar to karate makiwara training. However, in Chinese Kempo, depending on the style, there are many different training methods. Some start by digging their hands in a pouch big enough to fit one hand, while others digg their hands into baskets. The contents of the pouch or basket is initially sand and then moves to much coarse material such as green beans, iron sand, and chinese medicine herbs, which help strengthen the hands. The formula of the herbs, however, is a closely guarded secret, and therefore cannot be found outside of China. Therefore, Asai Sensei has to use the other methods.

When you are training Tesasho, there are many precautions to take. It is necessary to soak your hands into liquified Chinese medicine after your training.. When you are young, your hands and blood circulation might not be affected by this type of training. As you get older, however, soaking your hands becomes vital in order to help regain normal blood circulation into the areas you are training. Failure to do so will result in lack of proper circulation into those areas, which will result in the occurence of a cold feeling of numbness in those part.
When Asai Sensei did not soak his hands in this medicine, he had eye problems. When a Chinese Martial Aritist friend of Asai Sensei noticed that Asai Sensei was having problems with his eyes, he asked him "Why don't Japanese Martial Artists care to soad their hands in this medicine?" He then proceeded to offer Asai Sensei the medicine as a gift. Since then, Asai Sensei has brought this medicine with him to Japan, and uses it after training. That liquid medicine contains about 50 different kinds of Chinese herbs. This medicine is also used to help the heeling of bruises that occur during training.. Asai Sensei says that you must gradually build up your training. In other words do not start with the coarse material first. Instead, first start with sand, then rise, then beans, and then you can move to iron sand...Asai Sensei saw martial artist hittin bamboo hung from the wall with their hands. Asia Sensi also suggests to the readers that they can start by hitting their hands from all angles against their own legs. This also will condition your legs at the same time. This way, in the biginning your hand feels little pain, and your fingers become soft. The hand is very sensitive, and contains many joints. If you want to be able to use it as a weapons, you have to train it in order to develop strength in it. You also must learn how to use it, how to hit your target, otherwise you will hurt yourself. If you hit hard objects from the start without this gradual build up of strength in your hands, and without the use of the herbal ointments afterwards, you will hurt your self. In fact Asai Sensei considers that to be unhealthy as you get older in age.
You have to understand that this training will be done over a long period of time. You therefore must train in the correct way. After three to six months you will start to see the effects of your training. However, to turn your hands into a weapon, many years of training are required.