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What is Tenketsu Jutsu?

Asai Sensei's technique is very deep. One example of the depth of his knowledge is in his understanding and application of the Tenketsu Jutsu. Tenketsu Jutsu is the techniques of attacking vital points (acupressure points) on the body. In China these points have been used for generations in martial arts, Chigon and holistic medicine. In Karate, however, there are some points that Holistic medicine is not aware of. In Matial Arts, attacking the vital points can cause fainting, numbness and inflict paint on your opponent. He learned this technique in China. These techniques was not taught openly, to to their dangerous outcome, however, we asked Asai Sensei to give us a special indruction and explannation of these techniques.

In the human body there are 365 joints, 72 "numbness points", which can cause paralysis, and 36 point which cause death. In addition to this, you must know that there is blood and "Chi" (eneregy) circulating in the body. With this said, now we can introduce to you this technique. If you attack with your finger a certain point at a certain time, the circulation of both blood and Chi will stop, causing numbness or death to your opponent. Also, from long ago human beings have had natural bio-rythms. Everyone wakes-up in the mornings, sleeps at night, eats when they are hungry. Depending on the time of day, the blood circulation can varry. Therefore, when you attack a certain point at a certain time, with a certain amount of strength, you interrupt the human bio-rythm. And then, just like you turn off a switch, the body rythm is turned off, and the that point of the body starts to decay. The outcome of the attack depends on the strength of the attack.
To the lack of luck to some people, including Martial Art competitors, this type of attack can occur during normal training or at competitions, having the same deadly results without the real intention of the attacker. From a non medecial point of view, this outcome is simply due to the fact that the competitor or trainee was hit at a certain point of his body at a certain time of day which caused the interruption of the normal flow of blood and Chi in his or her body. This can also happen to an unlucky person walking down the street who accidentally slips and falls hitting the ground with certain strength, hitting a certain point in his body at a certain time, making him or her unable to move.
In addition, the opposite of this is also true, where this theory can be used for healing if you study it.

However, it is important to point out that the study of Tenketsu Jutsu can be extremely dangerous. In the past this knowledge had been kept secret, only taught to a selected few. Its name had often been changed, to perpetuate its secrecy.

If you want to study Tenketsu Jutsu, you must first study the following 8 points.

1. One must know where the pressure points are. (Place and the organs they are connected to.)
2. One must know blood Chi circulation pathways and bio-rythms.
3. One must know Tenketsu Jutsu theory.
4. One must study finger techniques (Tenketsu Jutsu mainly uses finger strikes)
5. One must master finger stricking techniques.
6. One must train one's vision. (You must train to detect the pressure point of your moving target in the dark)
7. One must be able to attack from a long distance.
8. One must learn how to attack, even when the outline of one's opponent is not clear, or when something is in between you and the opponent.
Of course, even if one's opponent moves, one must find the pressure points even if in the dark. By merely using one's eyes this is very difficult, therefore one must use all one's senses to find the target. In order to perfect this, Asai sensei made a life size model of a person and marked all the vital points on it. Using this he was able to practise Tenketsu Jutsu from a variety of angles and positions, not only using his eyes, but his whole consciousness. In addition to that, he uses the shortest and fastest way to hit his target. During Karate demonstrations, Asai Sensei does not hit these vital points, but instead he hits muscle areas on the body of his demonstration subject.
If you perform the Tenketsu Jutsu Technique on an apponent and use only one finger, you will hurt yourself eventually because of overusing your finger. Therefore, to maximise the effeciency of your finger attack, you must know when your opponent is at their weakest moment so that you would not have to utilize much force. Therefore you must be able to catch the moment when your oppoenent is at their weakest point. You have to get the maximum effect using the minimum amount of power.
For example, when humans inhale, they are at a weak moment. If you notice, a good attack is performed at the moment of exhale. Therefore, attacking your opponent at their moment of inhale, will require less strength and power from the attacker, and still result in the maximum effects.

When you attack the pressure points, not only strike, but also twist your strike 45 degrees clockwise or vibrate your finger, at the moment of impact.. You can choose from a varyiety of techniques depending on the point you are attacking and the outcome you desire. (Strong, weak, deep, or shallow)
Mr. Asai says that Tenketsu Jutsu not only has techniques for attacking vital points, but also it has methods for attacking the pathways that connect these vital points. The Center of the front part of the body is called :"Nimyaku". The Center of the back of the body is called: Tokumyaku." Using the knife edge (Shuto) of the hand and the forarm of your hand (Naiwan) you can cut the line of Chi and blood circulation.

Tenketsu Jutsu technique believes that the human body has a pathway of Chi flowing down the centre of the body.This is called the "Ninyaku".It is also believed that there is a pathway of Chi flwing down the back,called the "Tokunyaku".If these lines are attacked,then it is easy to stop the bio-rythms and circulation of one's opponent.This can be done with shuto or a cutting action with the open hand.