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History of Asai Sensei

Asai Sensei has spent almost his whole life searching for "The Way". His Karate path has been likened to a"Thunderous Storm". He says "People should forget everything and jump head first into what they want to do. Although, the average person can't comprehend such a way of thinking, or to be in such an enviroment, it this type of enviroment, however, that is most essential for one's success."

Actually, it is unusual for Asai Sensei to talk a lot. However, if you look into his eyes you can understand the depth of his knowledge. He has very penetrating eagle eyes, which reflect the unbelievable relentlessness of his training.

From long ago people have been afraid of and in awe of Asai Sensei's Karate. They were often amazed at his jumping ability, being able to reach great heights from a standing position.

Asai Sensei was born in 1935 in Ehime, Shikoku prefecture, Japan. He would later become famous throughout the world of Karate.

His father was a policeman, and Asai Sensei is the oldest son in the family. Being raised in the countryside, Asai Sensei grew up to become a very strong, fast and energetic young man. As a young boy he often practiced Sumo, sometimes competing in the traditional five man challenge, and winning every time.

From his father he learned Judo, Kendo and the Spear. Even at this young age his athletic ability was easily recognized. After being thrown Asai sensei would always land on his feet.

A pivotal point in his life came when he was 12 years old. One day he saw a boxer fighting a Karate-ka, in a real fist fight. Not so important as to who could win such a match, however, what was forever instilled in Asai Sensei's mind was the Karate-ka's kick that dissabled his opponent from further attacking him. Thus the image of Karate being strong was implanted in his mind. This event happened just after the end of the Second World War at a time when the Japanese community was uncertain about their future. People didn't know what was right anymore. Fighting and theft were common events within that society. Asai Sensei wanted to be both physically and mentally strong. So he started Karate.

The next turning point in his life came one day when walking to school along with a friend. As they walked near the school, they both noticed a man in a Dogi (Karate suit), practicing Karate. Silently, Asai Sensei was amazed by this man's strength. He also thought to himself that this person appeared stronger than him! As that thought was going through his mind, his friend made the following comment: "Ah, he is from the Fighting University Karate Club. The Takushoku Karate Club". From that moment on, all what Asai Sensei could think of was how to enter Takushoku University in order to train on their Karate team. Asai Sensei decided to study very hard in order to pass the entrance examination for Takushoku University. Despite hating to study, 6 months later, Asai Sensei passed the entrance exam and was able enter Takushoku.

Takushoku also highlighted Asai Sensei's great determination. Most people can't sustain such a path. 150 people started with Asai Sensei at the Karate club, but within a month it had been reduced to a handful. There was no happiness in the dojo, or at the university at large, just training, but Asai Sensei persevered and soon he was allowed to live at the Karate dormitory. It was a great honor to be allowed to live there, and all of the world leaders of shotokan came from there. Asai Sensei, despite the hardship, was happy as he had a chance to become really strong, and others were amazed by him, claiming the only time he never trained was when he ate or slept.

Asai Sensei graduated in 1958, and Nakayama Sensei insisted he must continue his Karate. In fact, in a joking manner, Nakayama Sensei told him that he couldn't do anything but Karate! So he entered the Kenshusei program (instructors course). It was the golden age of the JKA, with many strong and different characters. He could train with these people daily and it cemented his decision to follow the Karate way throughout his life. This hard training paid dividence and in 1961 , in front of the crowned prince , Asai sensei became grand champion (Kata and kumite) , beating the favorites, Mikami sensei and Shirai sensei.