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Asai Sensei's Karate is Different!

The reader shouldn’t misunderstand this, however. Asai Sensei can do Karate that people would consider standard throughout the world. However, Asai Sensei has gone past that. To understand this, let's look at Asai Sensei's development throughout his Karate life. He studied at the famous Takushoku University Karate club. He also had many competition successes, including becoming Grand Champion (Kata and Kumite) at the 5th ALL-Japan Championships. From this success he then went on to teach many hundreds of thousands of students throughout the world, becoming a hero of traditional Karate.

This traditional Karate was used as a foundation for his future developments. As Asai Sensei travelled the world he gained a wealth of experience from other country's fighting systems, allowing him to build on his foundations and create his own, unique style.
He has endeavored to make his body as supple as a willow tree to maximize the efficiency of his style. However, to take his Karate to a higher level he has found it important to not only develop the torso, but also the head, arms and legs. From the development of each body part, his technique can spring forward like a "Thunderous Storm". By developing the torso, arms and legs separately, it's much more difficult for an opponent to see an attack coming. Combine this with Asai Sensei's lightning speed, and it makes for a deadly combination.

This special training has allowed Asai Sensei to increase his strength to levels that some people would think of as super-human. However, these techniques are separate from Shotokan-Ryu, they are Asai-style Karate. Therefore, from this point onwards we would like the reader to put aside all their pre-conceptions of what Karate is. Only by doing this can you learn Asai Sensei's Karate.