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2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship was held in Taichung, Taiwan, on October 15th

Host:国際日本武術空手道会 IJKA、   中華民国空手道連盟





Members, all admirers of Master Asai, came from all over Taiwan and abroad to get together at the event.
The event had Master Asai’s favourite direct pupils, and their 2nd and 3rd generation pupils, all mingling and showing their best performances.

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship

Participants waiting for their turn at the opening ceremony

Participants waiting for their turn at the opening ceremony

Opening ceremony.
Some judges at seated in front

The President Keiko Asai making opening remarks at the ceremony

Behind the distinguished guests is the large, impressive poster of Master Asai.
On the reft is Mr. Bruno Koller from Switzerland, with his nurse Theo to his left.






2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship

Looking good in suits. The judges are Master Asai’s first, second, andthird generation pupils

The executives are Master Asai’s second andthird generation pupils

Behind the judging area is the large impressive poster of Master Asai

The President Keiko Asai Making opening remarks at the ceremony

Group photo of IJKA Taiwan and IJKA Europe members

3rd generation high-ranking students

A 3-year old eager participant

2016 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Tournament material

final 2016 IJKAp

2016 IJKA Technical Seminar

Technical seminar with Master Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hontsung

Above: High-ranking members eagerly learning from Chief Instructor Mr.Chen Hontsung at the seminar

2016 IJKA Dan Examination

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship ended successfully on October 15th.
The international karate technical seminar was held the next day on the 16th with Master Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hontsung, followed by a dan exam.

Head of Technical Office Chen, Hsin-koei 8 Dan

Instructor Kidokoro , Toshiyuki 7 Dan

Instructor Wan, Ju-yu 6 Dan

Riedinger Otto Instructor Riedinger, Otto 5 Dan

Member Schoenferder, Gerhard 5 Dan

Member John, Christian 3 Dan

Member Hisa, Tetsuyuki 3 Dan

Congratulations to all for passing the exam.。

ドイツ Mr.OTTOさんに黒帯を贈る理事長 浅井恵子

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship Athletes Night

After the tournament, everyone had fun at the “Athletes Night party.
” Took off the karategi and quickly turned into a musician

The girls were cute dancers with their handmade costumes


場所:台灣 台中市 靜宜大學 会議室
IJKA理事長淺井 惠子(Keiko Asai)
IJKA主席師範陳宏宗(Chen Hunt-tsung)
IJKA技術局長 陳興桂(Chen Hsin-koei)
IJKA技術局国際指導員 城所俊行(Toshiyuki Kidokoro)
汪儒郁(wang ruyu)
Riedinger Otto

1、イタリー:FORMENTON GIUSEPPE ドイツ:Riedinger Otto
  以上二名をヨーロッパ指導部長 BRUNO KALLER のアシスタントとする。



Ms. Akiko Onishi Joins as the First individual Member of IJKA

We announced that Soke International Japan martial arts Karatedo KAI(IJKA) welcomes anyone who shared the true passion for karate with us regardless of whether being part of a karate organization or not.
Ms. Akiko Onishi came to us right away, and successfully obtained the first individual membership of SOKE IJKA from Japan. She attended the 2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship, at which she, so joyful and active, was warmly welcomed by everyone.
【Experience in Karate】
Received karate training from JKS from the age of 6 to 20.
Received 2 dan at the age of 17.
After 22 years of hiatus, she took up the practice again in 2015, training under her older sister.

【Reasons for Membership Application】
My older sister and I started karate together and she still is an active karate practitioner.
She used to attend all Master Asai’s seminars; never missing one.
Watching her classic katas, I began to develop the itch to start practicing again. She looked so impressive and I wanted to be able to do the same.
While showing me the katas, my sister also used to say how she wanted to learn more from Master Asai. There were katas she still hadn’t learned from him, and that she wanted to receive training from the other organization Master Asai established (ie. IJKA.)

I became curious about IJKA, established by Master Asai, as an organization that inherited the spirits of his teachings, and so I began researching.
The image of Master Asai portrayed on the IJKA website was exactly the same as how imagined him to be from hearing my sister’s stories.
As I read the website, I realized the reasons I quit karate, the aspects of it I didn’t like, and it didn’t have to be the way it was.
I am not interested in winning the tournaments or obtaining a high-ranking dan, or becoming a prestigious judge. I just want to be able to perform the kata and pursue the karate waza deeper.
I gathered up my courage and contacted IJKA. I talked to Asai Keiko Sensei and my thoughts were confirmed. That’s how I decided to apply for a membership.

【Comments on the Championship】
Everyone was so welcoming and kind to me even though it was first time for me to meet them.
I was moved by the fact that there was no one making displays of strength or being overbearing about their accomplishments.
At Chen sensei’s seminar, I was overwhelmed by feelings of astonishment and awe. I was convinced that I could get a real karate training from these people.
As soon as I returned to Japan, I told my sister and asked her to join me. She also became interested in learning from Chen sensei.
I am hoping to go visit [Taiwan] next year for some good training, from morning until evening, for a few days.

Ms. Onishi making a dignified entrance at the opening ceremony

Mr. Giosuel Koller from Swizerland (Left);
Ms. Akiko Onishi (Right)

Ms. Onishi (the third from the right) training hard at Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hontsung’s technical seminar.

From the left: Mr. Giosuel Koller from Swizerland,
Mr. John Christian and Mr. Otto Riedinger from Germany,
Ms. Onishi, Mr. Gerhard Schoenferder from Germany.

At the welcome dinner with IJKA executive members.
From left: Mr. Toshiyuki Kidoko (7 dan), Ms. Onishi,
and Mr. Lin Mau-tsu the global section head,
Vice President of IJKA Taiwan and his wife

Mr. Onishi posing with IJKA president Mrs. Keiko Asai.