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2018 Asai Cup IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends in Great Success

"2018 IJKA Asai Cup IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament " closed with a great success on August 25 in Shanghai, China.

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai IJKA was originally founded in Shanghai in 2004, with the support of the CEO of the WantWant group Mr. Tsai Eng-meng. Many of Master Tetsuhiko Asai's disciples and newly-joined karate-ka from all over participated in the event in this memorable location.

Participants came from different many districts of China, see below, the furthest location being 4000 km away:

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai, China Head Quarters

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai, Shanghai Branch

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai, Zhejiang Branch

Huangpu District Haiyan Expo Public Interest Development Center - Haiki Expo Martial Arts Club

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 嘉定KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 松江山KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 長寧中山KAN

Shoto Pysical Educatin (松濤體育) - 浦江KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 金山KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) University Student Club

Guizhou Shotokan - 貴州松濤KAN

Fujian Shoto Physical Education - 福建松濤體育

Chengdu Boys Superman Karatedo Club - 成都少年超人空手道KAN

Jiaxing M3 Family Club - 嘉興M3體育倶楽部

Taicura Shotokan - 太倉松濤KAN

Beijing Phoenix Budokan -北京鳳凰武道KAN

Hebei University of Medicine

Ningiko Kikodokan - 寧波木子道KAN

Sweet Breeze Kodokan -甘肅向毅道KAN

Shenzhen Hachijo Martial Arts - 深八正武道

Despite the distance, (4000 km, 2000 km, 800 km, 1960 km, 100 km, 800 km,
1000 km, 300 km, 2000 km, and 1500 km) participants came with high spirits.

Participants came also from Taiwan, Europe, Japan and Germany. The tournament was a great success.


Departing Taiwan


Arriving in Shanghai


En route to the venue


Welcome Party at San Want Hotel Shanghai

Celebrating president Keiko Asai’s birthday
at Welcome Party


President Keiko Asai giving the opening congratulatory speech

2018 IJKA Asai Cup IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament Shanghai


Technical seminar

Technical seminar

Dan certification exam

IJKA conducts traditional dan certification exams.
All judges are direct students of Master Asai for more than 30 years.
International instructors who are the judges of the dan exam (from the left):
Mr. Otto(Germany), Mr. Zhou Zhi wen, Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro,
Mr. Chen Hsin-koei, Mr. Wang ruyu, Mr. Ji, Bang-Yen.


Group photo (of some of the participants)

As the tournament was held on the Sunday the 25th,
over one third of the participants left immediately after the event to catch a flight,
or to start the long journey back home for work on Monday, before this group photo was taken.

The number of applicants and enquires from across China continue to grow.