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An international conference was held after the seminar

Date : June 17th 2023
Time : 5.15pm till 6.00pm
Location : Unterfoehring/Munich, Germany

Head of Technical Office 陳興桂(Chen Hsin-kuei)
International Instructor Riedinger Otto
Schoenfelder Gerhard (Germany)
Koller Giosuel (Switzerland)
Koller Selina (Switzerland)
Notetaker:Riedinger Otto

  1. The title of European honbu dojo was given to Bruno Sensei out of respect. After Bruno Sensei passed away there is no Honbu dojo in Europe anymore. The only honbu dojo of IJKA is in Taipei.

  2. In Switzerland, both the dojo of Giosuel and the dojo of Selina can apply for IJKA branch membership.

  3. Neither Giosuel nor Selina inherit Bruno Senseis privileges or his position.

  4. Before inviting Chen Sensei to Switzerland, Giosuel has to ask Otto about the fee and expenses. Also Giosuel has to send an application form to IJKA Headquarters and Chen Sensei for approval.

  5. IJKA will not interfere in the discussion or legal fight between the parties in Switzerland.


June 2023: Keibou Sensei in Munich again


The last seminar with Keibou Sensei in Germany/Europe was in 2019, in the years 2020 - 2022, the tense corona situation prevented a journey from Taiwan. So, after four years we are happy to welcome our teacher Keibou Sensei again in Germany for a seminar. Arrived on June 15th we first made some sightseeing an showed him Nymphenburg Castle in Munich, an old castle of the kings of the House of Wittelsbach.

To get in the mood for the big seminar on saturday and sunday in Munich we organized a training in Dachau for a smaller group, where besides basic techniques the kata Jo no Kata and Jion were practiced.

The actual seminar then took place on the weekend in Munich- Unterfoehring in summery temperatures of 28 to 30 degrees. Keibou Sensei trained with us many basics and the didactic structure of his training once again underlined his immense competence as karate teacher. Relaxed shoulders, correct posture, little things like keeping the heel on the ground or keeping the body straight and not leaning forward were important to him and he also illustrated, how paying attention to these little things improve karate techniques and thus their effectiveness.


In partner exercises with sliding steps and subsequent counter, the sense of distance was trained and also timing played a big role. Kata was practiced too and besides well known Shotokan Kata like Heian Shodan, Jion and Kanku Dai Keibou Sensei teached the Asai Ryu Kata "Jo no Kata" which is an introducing kata to Karate ("Jo" means introduction). Also when practicing kata, Keibou Sensei pointed out a lot of little things that often don't get any attention but are crucial for the effectifity of the karate techniques.

On sunday noon a seminar ended where the participants took a lot of basic knowledge about karate techniques, heads were spinning and the implementation of what has been learned can start now in the home dojo. We hope that we soon again can welcome Keibou Sensei to such an event.

Special thanks to Gabi and Christian Gembe and their team of Budokan Munich who organized this seminar and thereby made this great seminar possible.

Late Shuseki Shihan Chen Hontsung Awarded Certificate of Appreciation from Sports Office, Ministry of Education

Sports Administration Office of the Taiwan Ministry of Education sends Chen Hontsung Sensei the below certificate of appreciation.

Thank you, Chen Hontsung Sensei
He was a major force in promoting the karate movement in our country for many years.
This award is given to honor his achievements in cultivating virtues,fostering the next generations, and ardently contributing to the development of the karate movement. His everlasting teachings will always be looked up to.

Lin Teng-chiao
Administrative Deputy Minister
Ministry of Education, Sports Administration
Republic of China August 10, 111


The reward is personally handed to Soke International Japan Martial arts Karatedokai I.J.K.A.’s head of Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei by 戴婉琳, the acting chief of competitive sports section in Sports 、administration from the Ministry of Education.

IJKA International Technical Office
IJKA General Headquarters Main Dojo International Administrational Office

Date: 2022/6/26
Venue: Main Dojo (Tetsuhiko Kan)

IJKA Head of technical Office 陳興桂(Chen Hsin-kuei)
IJKA Global instructor 城所俊行(Toshiyuki Kidokoro)
周智文(Chou, Chih-Wen)
Head of Taiwan IJKA global section林茂椿 (Lin Mau-tsu)
紀邦教練の代理丁爾聰 (Ting ,Erh-Tsung)
Notetaker劉家豪 (Chia Hao Liu)

  1. Agenda item 1:Dan examination at 2022 Europe technical seminar
    • Conclusion:
      1) Resolution made by the International Technical Office :Otto sensei is to conduct the technical seminar as well as the dan examination (Shodan to 3 dan).
      Gerhard (5 dan) is to assist.
      2) For the examination of 3 dan, record the examination, and send the video footage to Technical Office for further evaluation.
  2. Agenda item 2:Request from Mr. Giosuel to join the Instructor Committee
    • Conclusion:Joining the instructor's meeting will be disclosed after further deliberation by the International Technical Office. (2016 resolution by Technical Office: Instructor Committee members have at least 5 dan qualifications)

The Asai Cup International Karate-Do Championship Tournament

The " Asai Cup International Karate-Do Championship Tournament" has been postponed until the new coronavirus infection is resolved.

IJKA Secretariat Office Relocation

In accordance with the Japanese government’s request to stay at home, under the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, IJKA secretariat has moved its office to the IJKA Head Office at below address:
3-15-16 Sekimachi Minami, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 〒177-0053




陳宏宗主席師範 網路公祭


時間:10月7日 14時〜16時


ドイツのMr.Otto Riedingerより弔文が届きました。


We, Instructors and Members of Senbukai Germany want to express our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and students of Chen Hung-Tsung Shuseki Shihan in Taiwan.

We share your grief about losing our Chief Instructor of I.J.K.A., who was an inspiration for all of us. He was both a stern instructor and a very gentle teacher, a highly knowledgeable master of martial arts and also a man with deep wisdom about life.

We were very lucky about him succeeding his brother-in-law Tetsuhiko Asai as Chief Instructor of I.J.K.A. and spreading martial arts of the highest level. Furthermore we are deeply indebted to him for his generous acceptance and teachings when we visited Taiwan.

He will be in our hearts and minds when we practice the martial arts and he will watch over us together with the late Asai Tetsuhiko Shuseki Shihan and Bruno Koller Shihan as a founding father of I.J.K.A. Asai Karate.

We will fondly remember him with our utmost respect.


Otto Riedinger

Chief Instructor


Life of Great Sensei Chen Hunt-tsung

Great Sensei Chen Hunt-tsung was born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1927. He graduated from Taichung Normal School during the Nikkei era (Japanese colonial era) and was one of the few outstanding students who received higher education at that time.

Throughout his lifetime, he was fascinated by martial arts. When he was young, he traded in all his house belongings so that he could learn various martial arts from masters in various fields. He then mastered martial arts such as judo, kendo, judo, White Crane Fist and seven section whip. He was also an important figure in helping introducing karate to Taiwan. For the last thirty years, he devoted himself to studying Chinese medicine and health care. He has achieved an amazing feat and contributed to the people.

When Great Sensei Chen was teaching martial arts, he not only organized the martial arts techniques into orderly teaching materials, but also used phenomena that are universal in daily life to interpret the principles of technique and its operation to the students. He was always ready to teach us everything he knew.

In addition to martial arts techniques, he placed great importance on the personality and training of his students. He also cared for the vulnerable in society, making him truly a master of martial arts and spiritual practice.

 It is worth noting that Great Sensei Chen was not only a master of martial arts, but also received a complete Japanese education making him fluent in Japanese. What is even more moving is that he self-taught English, studied hard, and became an English teacher at the famous Mango English School in Taichung City at that time. He was exceptional both scholarly and physically.

Today, the life of the big master has reached a peaceful ending. And we are still reluctant to accept it. We miss everything about him. His name will no doubt remain in everyone's heart forever, and they will surely succeed his achievements, and advance them further.
Thank you for seeing off the final journey of Great Sensei Chen.
I wish him the way is going well.



“Chen Hunt-tsung Sensei” The Name Engraved in My Heart

In the morning of September 24th, it was when I was about to head to a semiconductor trade show, a crucial annual event for my company, I received a call from the Head of the Technical Office Chen.
He could barely speak as he choked on his words sobbing, but managed to tell me that the Grate Sensei had passed away that morning.
I was stunned, then fell into an abyss. I didn’t go to the trade show. I stayed home, and I kept seeing the images of our memory that goes back over 40 years.

Over 40 years ago, when I first started learning Karatedo, because most of the members were already middle aged or in senior years, he taught us the martial art in the following order: The use of joints, the flexibility, the speed, the snap that allows you to stop in mid-movement. Only after that we were able to learn about accuracy and certainty of each movement.
Many of the older students progressed rapidly, even comparable to the younger ones, because he taught us the techniques such as power focal points, directions, target points from the perspective of agronomics and everyday applications.

Around the same time, the Sensei found out that many of the senior students were involved with work that required Japanese, so he made time to teach us Japanese.
For a brief time period, I was able to learn one on one with the Sensei. There were so many students so I remember practicing in the hallway outside the pool in the building.
After that, a few times I accompanied the Sensei to participate in international martial arts tournaments, and to Japan to perform demonstration White Crane Fist.
At some point, my worked forced me to change my training schedule from night time to 6:30 in the morning, before going to the office at 8:00.

Over thirty years ago, I become independent and started up a company. Sensei constantly encouraged me to improve my Japanese skills as I was a head of a company. He urged me to practice Japanese using the notes he made, on words, phrases and verb conjugations. He always helped me correct my Japanese and improve my writing. Not only that, he taught me more in detail including Japanese grammar, tone, culture, etiquette and customs.

Aside from Japanese, he taught me how to groom myself and proper manners. He would say “your hair is getting long; go to the barber you always go to and get it cut.” “Hair is sticking out of your nose; you’ve left it too long? That is not polite to people.” “Looks like your back is curling lately; your breathing is also not very steady. Practice Qigong breathing method more.”
All of my friends I introduced Sensei to, were happy.

At the end of 2008, in order to prepare for the demonstration in Japan, he told me to come for training at 6:30 every Sunday morning, to practice the White Crane Fist. He was already close to 90 years old at the time but he was never late to class and very punctual with his training time.

I would like to make a special recommendation here. For the selection of students to participate in this comprehensive practice of White Crane Fist and Karatedo, we should carefully screen the applicants focused not only on their technical skills but also their character and attainment of Butoku(martial arts and spiritual practice). The point is not allowing students to join the class so easily.
For the past 40 years, I have been advocating doing good to everyone, such as helping and supporting the weak. Everyone likewise respected the teacher's teachings and silently supported the "weak people" in various places.

Most of the martial arts organizations allowed me also to participate in the activities that my Sensei participated. And I refined, learned, and studied human relations through these experiences.
Recalling these 40 years, the Sensei was a strict teacher, and when he was teaching me life etiquette, he treated me as a benevolent father. He was my Master and I his pupil, but the feeling was like of a father and son.
Now the Sensei is separated from everyone.
I have written this far, and my heart is too full to continue. I can only let the tears run down.
Sensei Chen Hunt-tsung's name will be forever engraved deep in my heart.




Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, the Asai Cup International Martial Arts Karate Tournament, originally scheduled to be held in August 2020, has been postponed to August 2021.




2020.1.25 庚子年初一

尊敬するIJKA理事長 浅井恵子師母様

及びIJKA CHINAの全員を代表して。
2020.1.25 子年1日

IJKA CHINA 一部指導員達の写真

New Year’s Greeting with Photos from Master Asai’s Student at One of 50 Branches in China



2020.1.25 庚子年初一

To Respected President of IJKA, Keiko Asai,

How are you? On this Chinese New Year holiday, your disciples on the mainland China would like to celebrate your good health and wellness, and congratulate the continuing success of IJKA blessed with the shining light of Master Asai.

On behalf of all of IJKA CHINA.
2020.1.25 Year of Rat

IJKA CHINA 一部指導員達の写真

Swiss Members Will Visit Taiwan for Training

From November 10th to the 21st, five members from Switzerland will visit Main Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan in Taiwan for training.
At dojo, training is given by the direct students of Master Asai and IJKA global instructors Toshiyuki Kidokoro, Wang Ju-yu, Chou

Chih-wen, Mars Jee as well as holders of high dan ranking.
Participants of the training receive kind and thorough instructions, and it is always carried out in good atmosphere.
The Swiss members are planning on making the visit a regular event.

German Members Will Visit Taiwan for Training

From October 27th to November 5th, Mr. M from Germany is visiting Main Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan in Taiwan for training.
He attended the karate seminar in Germany last year, and passed the dan examination for 3 dan. However, some of his movements caught

Chen Hsin-kuei Head of Technical Office’s eye and so he told Mr.M to come to Taiwan, offering help to correct them.
After the movements are corrected, Mr. M will sure to feel more proud to tie that black belt. The IJKA dan ranks are given strictly and fairly.

Comment from Thierry Orlowski on 2 months of training at the Hombu Dojo

I arrived from Toronto to Taiwan at the beginning of July 2019. During the first day of training at the Hombu Dojo, I was right away impressed by the technical knowledge of Sensei and the seriousness of the students. Fortunately, Keibou Chen Sensei and the other members of the Dojo really made me feel welcome and I quickly adapt to the rhythm of the training.
After 18 years of training Shotokan Karate, I never improved as much and as quickly than during that training. Keibou Chen Sensei is very kind and patient, and the whole group really put up with me. At the end of these two months, my stances were better, my movements were sharper and faster.
I traveled a lot before to learn Karate. But after all my travel, I never met a group as dedicated to the practice and learn Karate with integrity than the IJKA Hombu Dojo in Taipei. It really is the birthplace of Asai Sensei’s Karate and training at this Dojo really was a blessing.
I came back to Toronto at the end of August with a real feeling of fulfillment. I met amazing people, I have many new friends but more importantly, my Karate never been as good and my body as healthy as it is today. I can’t think of a better place to train Karate in the world, and I have the firm intention to come back for more training soon.

Hope you will find this interesting.
Say Hi for me to the whole family.

A Seminar Held in Shanghai Quick Change of Plans for Event at Tetsuhikokan in Taiwan Due to Overcapacity

A group of trainees from mainland China initially planned to travel to Tetsuhiko kan in Taiwan to attend a seminar, but the plan was altered due to the number of attendees reaching 50 and surpassing the capacity of the building. Instead, two international instructors - the Head of Technical Office, Chen Hsin-kuei, and Wang Ju-yu traveled to Shanghai to give the seminar. A total of 4 class were held on August 24th and 25th at Shanghai Zhaofeng Jiayuan Clubhouse. All the instructors from each dojo listed below participated, including two school districts of East China Normal University, two Shanghai University precincts, and Shanghai Hosei Gakuin. IJKA dojo in China: IJKA Shanghai (including Shanghai, Songjiang and Jiading), Taicang, Zhao, Zhejiang, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, Hebei, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Hubei, Guizhou, Fujian Among them, Beijing is expanding more, and Zhejiang, Jiaxing, and Chengdu succeeded in incorporating I.J.K.A. Karate into the formal curriculum of some schools. Furthermore, in Chengdu, the group is promoting I.J.K.A. Karate through partnership with a large group of educational institutions. On the afternoon of the 24th, there were classes for grade-holders and long-term trainers.

Seminar Venue 上海兆豊嘉園会所

2019上海セミナー2 2019上海セミナー3
2019上海セミナー4 2019上海セミナー4
2019上海セミナー5 2019上海セミナー6
Training hard at the seminar

Group photo

(From left) Tetsuhiko Kan Global Section Chief Lin mow tsun, International instructor Wang Ju-yu, Director of Shanghai Head Office Li Yuan-shen, and the IJKA Head of Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei.

IJKA中国支部 一部教練(指導員)
中央 黒帯に手をかけているのは中国支部長 李淵深

After Canadian Trainee in July and August, 5 Swiss Joins Training from September 2019

Five members from Switzerland will come to Taiwan in September for a karate training at the Technical Office Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan, after having Mr. Thierry Orlowski from Canada in July to the end of August.

2020 IJKA Asai Cup International Karate-Do Championship Tournament

Dear all,
We are happy to announce that the 2020 IJKA Asai Cup International Karate-Do Championship Tournament will be held on August 15th(Sat), and the Technical Seminar & Dan Examination on August 16th(Sun), 2020.
More details to follow.

Kindly be informed that August 15th, 2020 is the 14th anniversary of Asai Shouseki Shihan’s passing.

The Annual IJKA Asai Karate Seminar 2019 in Germany Ended with Success

ドイツ専武会空手セミナー1 ドイツ専武会空手セミナー2
ドイツ専武会空手セミナー3 ドイツ専武会空手セミナー4
ドイツ専武会空手セミナー5 ドイツ専武会空手セミナー6
ドイツ専武会空手セミナー6 ドイツ専武会空手セミナー7

(Form left: Selina the daughter of the late Bruno Sensei, the head of Technical Office Mr. Chen, and Otto Sensei)

International Training Workshop Commences at Taiwan Sohonbu Dojo

Following IJKA’s individual member Ms. Onishi, another member came to Taiwan in May for a training from Switzerland.
We have also received a membership application from Canada, who is planning to stay in Taiwan for 2 weeks for the training. Currently the individual is looking for economical accommodation for the duration of the stay, with the help from Mr. Frank Lin, the head of the international division at the IJKA Taiwan HQ.
Going forward, if we decide to host an international training workshop we will announce it on our website. Anyone or any group who is not affiliated with other karate organizations are welcome to apply for our membership. The instructors at these workshops are the direct students of Master Asai of 30 to 50 years. The new karate developed by Master Asai has been passed on to them.

Comment from Akiko Onishi on the training

It was my first time to meet them all, but everyone welcomed me warmly. They are all nice and kind, and I felt very blessed. I was moved by the fact that there was no-one who was flaunting their strength or being ostentatious about their status.
The workshop with Chen sensei was a bluster of shock and inspiration. I became convinced that I could learn the techniques of true karate.
When I returned to Japan, I immediately taught my older sister what I learned, and now she says she wants to train under Chen sensei. She is hoping to do some intense training from morning to evening for a few days next year.

Mr. Akira Hirai, who was the first student of the late Master Asai’s wheelchair karate, passed away on March 31st this year.

On July 7th, 8th, and 9th in year 2000, we organized a US-Japan social charity event for people with disabilities, at Yokohama Rapport Theater. For the event, we invited Ms. Zina Bethune and her four members from the US. From Japan, we selected people with disabilities with amazing talents such as singing, from all across Japan.
The main event at the show was the wheelchair dance by Ms. Zina Bethune and Ms. Lindsay, and the wheelchair karate performed by Akira Hirai san and a few selected members from Japan, who were supervised by the late Master Asai.
Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei agreed without hesitation to teach them, upon their request, to learn “practical wheelchair karate not just for the show.”
Master Asai used to commute on train from his office in Shinbashi to Mr. Hirai’s office in Yokohama to teach them karate free of charge.
Then came August 4th 2002. Mr. Hirai and his team participated in the national wheelchair karatedo championship tournament and won the championship in the team mixed form competition.
Mr. Hirai deeply grieved the passing of Master Asai. He drove at the funeral, and when we arrived at the cemetery he rushed in his wheelchair to the grave side and offered a sorrowful prayer.
Mr. Hirai was truly Master Asai’s number one and beloved student.
There are so many fond memories of him. May his soul rest in peace.

Mr. Akira Hirai’s Profile

1967: Injures spine from a falling accident and becomes wheelchair- bound. Learns archery during rehabilitation.
1977: Joins the establishment of the Association of Yokohama City Wheelchair. Joins Yokohama Wheelchair Basketball Club

Main positions
President of Association of Yokohama City Wheelchair
President of Yokohama Shinren (Public interest incorporated association of people with disabilities in Yokohama.)
President of Asuta PC ( Yokohama-based NPO workshop where people with disabilities work using PCs)
President of BASEL (Committee of parasport instructors of Yokohama)

Other accomplishments
Awarded by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Won the championship in the team mixed form competition at the national wheelchair karatedo championship tournament on August 4th, 2002

IJKA - Asai Karate Seminar 2019 in Nuremberg/Germany

IJKA-Asai Karate Seminar 2017 Germany

IJKA-Asai Karate Seminar 2017 Germany

Many Applications for IJKA Membership Received from India

We are receiving multiple applications from India for the IJKA membership.
Currently, the organization ran by Mr. SRINIVASAN is the only IJKA certified branch in India.

2018 Asai Cup IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends in Great Success

"2018 IJKA Asai Cup IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament " closed with a great success on August 25 in Shanghai, China.

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai IJKA was originally founded in Shanghai in 2004, with the support of the CEO of the WantWant group Mr. Tsai Eng-meng. Many of Master Tetsuhiko Asai's disciples and newly-joined karate-ka from all over participated in the event in this memorable location.

Participants came from different many districts of China, see below, the furthest location being 4000 km away:

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai, China Head Quarters

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai, Shanghai Branch

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai, Zhejiang Branch

Huangpu District Haiyan Expo Public Interest Development Center - Haiki Expo Martial Arts Club

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 嘉定KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 松江山KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 長寧中山KAN

Shoto Pysical Educatin (松濤體育) - 浦江KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) - 金山KAN

Shoto Physical Education (松濤體育) University Student Club

Guizhou Shotokan - 貴州松濤KAN

Fujian Shoto Physical Education - 福建松濤體育

Chengdu Boys Superman Karatedo Club - 成都少年超人空手道KAN

Jiaxing M3 Family Club - 嘉興M3體育倶楽部

Taicura Shotokan - 太倉松濤KAN

Beijing Phoenix Budokan -北京鳳凰武道KAN

Hebei University of Medicine

Ningiko Kikodokan - 寧波木子道KAN

Sweet Breeze Kodokan -甘肅向毅道KAN

Shenzhen Hachijo Martial Arts - 深八正武道

Despite the distance, (4000 km, 2000 km, 800 km, 1960 km, 100 km, 800 km,
1000 km, 300 km, 2000 km, and 1500 km) participants came with high spirits.

Participants came also from Taiwan, Europe, Japan and Germany. The tournament was a great success.


Departing Taiwan


Arriving in Shanghai


En route to the venue


Welcome Party at San Want Hotel Shanghai

Celebrating president Keiko Asai’s birthday
at Welcome Party


President Keiko Asai giving the opening congratulatory speech

2018 IJKA Asai Cup IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament Shanghai


Technical seminar

Technical seminar

Dan certification exam

IJKA conducts traditional dan certification exams.
All judges are direct students of Master Asai for more than 30 years.
International instructors who are the judges of the dan exam (from the left):
Mr. Otto(Germany), Mr. Zhou Zhi wen, Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro,
Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei, Mr. Wang ruyu, Mr. Ji, Bang-Yen.


Group photo (of some of the participants)

As the tournament was held on the Sunday the 25th,
over one third of the participants left immediately after the event to catch a flight,
or to start the long journey back home for work on Monday, before this group photo was taken.

The number of applicants and enquires from across China continue to grow.

SOKE International Japan martial arts Karatedokai is Proud of Mr. Bruno Koller

SOKE International Japan martial arts Karatedokai is Proud of Mr. Bruno Koller.

He had a very close relationship with the late Master Asai, and had been hosting the Asai Camp in Switzerland since when Master Asai was still with us.

As soon as the news about Master Asai's passing reached Mr. Koller, he immediately set up an alter in his dojo and gave prayers with everyone there.
After the master’s passing, Mr. Koller's Asai Camp become the Asai Memorial Camp.

All the way from Switzerland, he came to participate in the technical seminars held in Taiwan, and devoted himself to training. He also attended every tournament between 2010 and 2016. Even after he fell ill in 2009, he continued to participate in the tournaments, with an accompaniment of a nurse.

Normally, people in his condition would not take part in tournaments.
Mr. Koller, however, showed the spirit of Bushido all the way to the end.
We, SOKE IJKA, is proud of Mr. Bruno Koller, and truly respect him from the bottom of our hearts.


at Mr.Bruno's DOJO


at Mr.Bruno's DOJO


2010 Following the event, he attended the international instructor meeting.


2010 Examination finally ended after 6 hours.
At the Sohonbu Tetsukiho Kan dojo.


2011 Following the event, he attended the international meeting.


2014 Following the event, he attended the international meeting.


2016 He attended the Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship, Even after he fell ill in 2009.
Sitting down towards the Center is Mr. Bruno Koller , with his nurse Theo to his left.)

All the way from Switzerland, he came to participate in the technical seminars held in Taiwan,
and devoted himself to training.


two of them went to heaven together enjoying each other’s company.
Please find a moment of rest.

Buddhist Memorial Service Held for the 13th Anniversary of Master Asai’s Passing on May 12th at Tokyo Reien Cemetery, Mr. Koller’s Funeral Held the Same Day in Switzerland

Buddhist memorial service was held at Tokyo Reien cemetery on May 12th in advance of the 13th anniversary of Master Asai’s passing on August 15th. As with the 7th anniversary, the chief priest from the Hyaku Kannon Meiji Temple in Numabukuro, Tokyo lead the service. The service proceeded smoothly.

Many people, including those from the Theatre Academy and the karate organization JKS, both founded by the late Master Asai, kindly came and attended the service despite the hot weather.
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for those who came.

After the memorial service, I came home to receive the news that Bruno-san’s funeral was held on the same day. What a happy coincidence, or fate, it was. I have no doubt that Master Asai came down to meet him, and the two men went to heaven together enjoying each other’s company.

Thank you, you two, for all the hard work you have done for karate.
Please find a moment of rest in heaven.

Thank you for those of you who came to the 13th memorial service.
I wish you good health and happiness.




Head of IJKA Europe Bruno Koller Passes Away

Bruno sensei, who shared a very strong master-student relationship with Master Asai for over 30 years, passed away on April 30th.

Bruno Koller

On May 6th, IJKA General Headquarters issued Bruno sensei a 9 Dan certificate.

May he rest in peace.

May 2, 2018
Dear Selina,

We were so shocked to learn of Bruno Sensei's Suddenly passed away.

Bruno Sensei was such a wonderful person, who dedicated himself to Karate with his whole life; contributed to the development of IJKA in Europe among so many othters which had been well known to Karate world, and among your family.

We know how little words written on a page can possibly mean to you at such a time, and words can't touch the depth of sorrow for your loss, but may the joy of rememberance of him shared among your family help to sustain you during such a bleak time.

We will all miss Bruno Sensei deeply.

Yours truly,

Asai, Keiko

Dear Bruno Sensei,

When I was preparing for the seminar next week in Switzerland and look forward to meet you again, I heard sadly the news that you are unexpected leaving us forever.

As Master Asai passed away on August 15. 2006, we went to Japan for his funeral ceremony and met each other there. Your speech in the ceremony was filled with such deep feeling of sincerity and touched the heart of every one who was there. I can not forget that moving feeling until now.

After then you came to Taiwan several times to visit my father and we practiced together under his guidance. Your attitude was always so humble and therefore unforgettable for me. In the past few years, the disease has taken the vision gradually from you. Although you could not see well, but when I was in Switzerland, you still wore your Karate Gi and practiced seriously with us, sometimes moved even faster, pounched more powerful than before. I often mentioned your attitude and spirit with my students as a model for us to follow.

Maybe what I dream of at night reflects what I think about at daytime. Last night I saw you and Master Asai practicing Kakuyoku together in my dream. It was raining in Taipei. When I woke up in the middle of the night, there was also raindrops on my face.

Dear Bruno Sensei, I wish you to continue practicing Karate happily with Master Asai in Paradise.

Dear Bruno Sensei, let's meet in the next life and be brothers again!

May 3. 2018, Taipei

SOKE IJKA Administrational Meeting JAN. 28th, 2018

場所:IJKA本部道場 哲彦館
IJKA理事長淺井 惠子(Keiko Asai)
IJKA技術局長 陳興桂(Chen Hsin-kuei)
IJKA技術局国際指導員 城所俊行(Toshiyuki Kidokoro)
周智文(Chou, Chih-Wen)
Agenda and Summary of the Meeting::
  1. Introduction of the extraordinary new form of karate the late Master Asai left unrevealed. The timing of the introduction is set up on the completion of instructor training.
  2. Global instructor training has been already being strengthened at Tetsuhiko Kan in Taiwan.
    • When Master Asai was still alive, he was executing strict training regimes known as “devilish instructor training.”
    • A proposal was raised to conduct instructor trainings in line with such type of trainings the late Master Asai used to lead. (Proposed by Keiko Asai)
  3. Establishment of individual membership division.
    • Since there is already a clause in the current IJKA Rules and Policies that deals with individual memberships and their training that there is no need to establish a new division.
    • Add to Rules and Policies the following sentence: “those who wish to take a dan examination must attend technical seminars.”
  4. 2018 Shanghai Asai Cup International Karatedo Tournament
    • In order to host the 2018 Shanghai Asai Cup International Karatedo Tournament that will be held in August in Shanghai smoothly and successfully, attendees reconfirmed their duties.

Photo: (Front front left counterclock wise) global instructors Chou, Chih-wen and Wang-ruyu, Head of Technical Office, Chen Hsin-kuei, Soke IJKA President Keiko Asai, global instructors Ji, Bang-yen and Toshiyuki Kidokoro.

For Those Wish to Learn Master Tetsuhiko Asai’s Original New Form of Karate Kata,

During and immediately before or after the 2018 Asai Cup Karatedo Tournament, scheduled on August 25th and 26th, Asai Karate seminars will be held. Those who do not belong to any karate organization can participate in the seminar after registering for a Soke IJKA individual membership. Please also note that after a successful registration, you can apply and receive training anytime at Taiwan Sohonbu Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan.
Tetsuhiko Asai’s Kaiso (original) new karate kata is as follow:

Meaning of Kata

The new karate created by Master Asai is not limited to one style, but adopts kata forms that fit in all schools of karate and relates to many martial arts.
He noticed that many people hurt their legs and hips practicing traditional karate and this led to his development of karate that does not injure the body. For example, the method includes stretches that incorporate breathing control allowing the muscles to stretch gently and this has resulted in karate that can be practiced safely by all karate lovers, regardless of their age, for a lifetime.
Technically his karate forms unconventional karate techniques. For example, it includes new forms such as Tenshin (turning over), Shinko Hoko (direction of movement), jump, Muchi Ken (the whip fist) and others, and these encompass all forms of offensive and defensive techniques.

マスター浅井創作の型 Kata created by Master Asai

・ 気法拳=キホウケン Kihou-ken

A technique for good health, longevity, and self-healing

・ 序の型=ジョノカタ Jyonokata

The initial form for preparation before starting kata

・ 順路初段(Junro Shodan)

A basic kata for learning offense and defense in Maai, using the pillar and a moving leg.

・ 順路二段(Junro Nidan)

A basic kata using two hands simultaneously, allowing smooth delivery of various waza

・ 順路三段(Junro Sandan)

A basic kata for learning various striking techniques for smooth defense and offense

・ 順路四段(Junro Yondan)

A basic kata that allows easy shifting of waza while turning the body, by mastering the rotation of hips.

・ 順路五段(Junro Godan)

A basic kata that allows easy shifting of waza with effective sequence of foot movements, by mastering footwork.

・ 常行一勢〜五勢=ジョウコウイッセイ〜ゴセイ Joko Issei〜Joko Gosei

Various waza that are Junro kata with higher techniques

古典型  Classic forms

・ 鶴翼初段〜三段=カクヨクショダン〜サンダン Kakuyoku Shodan〜Kakuyoku Sandan

Kakuyoku (Crane Wings) jutsu for offensive and defensive waza. It incorporates the movements from White Crane including flying, jumping, walking, diving, swimming, standing on one leg, and wing movements. It makes joints more flexible, allowing a smoother delivery of waza.

・ 水の手=ミズノテ      Mizunote(Water Hand)

Incorporates movements of water into taijutsu. A jutsu for mastering the concept of water, which is the change of speed and strength (sometimes intense, sometimes gentle) in waza, as in the flow of water,

・ 火の手=ヒノテ       Hinote(Fire Hand)

A jutsu for mastering the color and form (momentum) of flame, and the control of heat. Mastering the concept of fire, including the elasticity of the body, and pressure imposed by Qi.

・ 風の手=カゼノテ      Kazenote(Wind Hand)

Incorporates movements of wind into taijutsu. A jutsu for mastering the concept of wind, by understanding the wind power that arises in many parts of the natural world and the wind pressure of a whirling storm.

・ 落葉=ラクヨウ       Rakuyo(Falling Hand)

A training jutsu that incorporates jumping and tenshin that follow the movements of falling leaves, fluttering and dancing in the wind from the branch to the ground.

・ 掌手=ショウテ       Shoute(Palm)

A training jutsu for offense and defense with an open hand. The palm techniques include Seki shou, Ying shou, Yang shou, Tachi shou, Uchi shou, Gai shou, Shuto shou, Hai shou, and Kai shou

・ 八門=ハチモン       Hachimon(Eight Hand)

A training jutsu for offense and defense using both arms to simultaneously perform uke and attack in one flowing movement.

・ 脚戦=キャクセン      Kyakusen(Leg battle)

Leg techniques with lowered hips.

・ 乱腿(乱雪)=ランタイ(ランセツ)Rantai-Disturbed legs (Ransetsu-Disturbed Snow)

Various leg techniques and training jutsu with focus on leg tendons, relaxing and contracting of legs.

・ 浪手=ロウシュ          Roushu(Wave Hand)

A jutsu for mastering the concept of waves for offense and defense, incorporating the ebbing and flowing, swirling, and rise and fall movements of waves into movements of hand and arms, and tenshin.

・ 明鏡二段=メイキョウニダン    Meikyou(Clear Mirror) Nidan

Heightened waza of Meikyou (clear mirror) kata.

車椅子空手 Wheelchair Karate

・ 初輪〜五輪=ショリン〜ゴリン Shorin〜Gorin

松涛流空手:型名一覧  Shoutou-ryu

・ 平安初段=ヘイアンショダン Heiann Shodan

・ 平安二段=ヘイアンニダン  Heiann Nidan

・ 平安三段=ヘイアンサンダン Heiann Sandan

・ 平安四段=ヘイアンヨンダン Heiann Yondan

・ 平安五段=ヘイアンゴダン  Heiann Godan

・ 鉄騎初段=テッキショダン  Tekki Shodan

・ 鉄騎二段=テッキニダン   Tekki Nidan

・ 鉄騎三段=テッキサンダン  Tekki Sandan

・ 抜賽大(小)=バッサイダイ(ショウ)  Bassai-Dai(Syo)

・ 観空大(小)=カンクウダイ(ショウ)  Kanku-Dai(Syo)

・ 燕飛=エンピ Enpi

・ 慈恩=ジオン Jion

・ 十手=ジッテ Jitte

・ 半月=ハンゲツ Hangetsu

・ 荘鎮=ソウチン Souchinn

・ 岩鶴=ガンカク Gankaku

・ 雲手=ウンス  Unnsu

・ 明鏡=メイキョウ Meikyo

・ 五十四歩大=ゴジュウシホダイ Gojyu Shihodai

・ 五十四歩小=ゴジュウシホショウ Gojyu Shihoshu

・ 二十四歩=ニジュウシホ Nijyuu Shiho

・ 王冠=ワンカン Wankan

・ 珍手=チンテ  Chinte

・ 慈韻=ジイン  Jiin

解説:浅井惠子 監修:浅井哲彦

Thank you very mauch for visit Master Asai’s grave






On December 6th last year, two hundred participants of the karate seminar who joined the event from abroad paid a visit to Master Asai’s grave.

This year on December 4th, again a great number of people visited his grave, chartering two buses.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for those who came.

(Thank you very mauch for visit Master Asai’s grave.)

SOKE IJKA Administrational Meeting Nov. 26th, 2017

SOKE IJKA global meeting

Date: November 26th, 2017. 09:30 - 12:00
Location: Soke IJKA Honbu Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan (Taipei)

SOKE IJKA President Keiko Asai
Shuseki Shihan Chen Hunt-tsung
Head of Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei/td>
Head of TAIWAN IJKA Global SectionLin Mau-tsu
Global InstructorToshiyuki Kidokoro
Wang ruyu
Zhou Zhi wen
Ji, Bang-Yen
Board memberLiang, Hong-tao
Note-takerChia Hao Liu

  1. Instructions on holding workshops and seminars in each region
    1. Must pay the prescribed annual membership fee in order to retain the membership
    2. Dan examination and certification must be carried out according to provisions set by Soke IJKA Headquarters.
    3. Instructors who are not approved by Soke IJKA Technical Office cannot teach in the name of Soke IJKA at a workshop or seminar.

  2. Operation of Europe Honbu Dojo   
    • In view of the health condition of the Head of Europe Region Mr. Bruno Koller (Switzerland),
       Mr. Bruno Koller, the Assistant Head of Europe Region Mr. giuseppe Formenton (Italy) and
       Mr. Otto Riedinger (Germany) are to consult and jointly decide on the future operation of the region.
       They are to report the outcome to Soke IJKA Headquarters. The Soke will support their decision.

  3. On the progress of 2018 Shanghai Asai Cup International Karatedo Tournament (Hosted by SOKE IJKA China and SOKE IJKA Shanghai)
    1. Dates: August 25th and 26th, 2018
    2. SOKE IJKA Shanghai is to bear the event cost
    3. On collaborating organizations in China
        Set up the Shanghai Jiading District Karatedo Association,
        which is to provide support with the administration of the tournament

  4. On individual memberships
    1. Soke IJKA is promoting individual memberships
        Individual memberships are to be categorized into two groups.
    2. One is for those who practice karate or have interests in karate,
        which is the same as the regular membership, and the other is the supporter membership.
        For both categories, only those who do not belong to any other karate organization
      are eligible   for application.

  5. On a particular applicant
    • An applicant who says hasn’t practiced karate for the last two decades is wondering if the applicant could take 3 dan and 4 dan examinations at the time of the trial for the SOKE IJKA membership.
      It depends on the applicant experience and skills, and the decision will be left to the Head of Technical Office Mr. Chen.

  6. English wording for 「委員会」
    • Make the terms consistent, and use “committee.” Make necessary changes on the website.



Discussing each agenda item in depth at the international meeting


Front row: Head of Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei (Left) Global Instructor Wang Ju-yu (Right)

Behind them from right; Global Instructor Chou,Chih-Wen, Note-taker Chia Hao Liu, Global Instructor Toshiyuki Kidokoro, a Board member Liang Hong-tao, ) Global Instructor Ji Bang-yen , Soke IJKA President Keiko Asai, Taiwan IJKA Head of Global Section Lin Maw-tsun.

Far back sitting down: IJKA Shuseki Shihan Chen Hunt-tsung, who is overlooking the meeting.

IJKA Individual Members Growing

Inside and outside of Japan, without belonging to any organizations, there are many people who continue to be devoted in the practice of karate strictly for the pure love for it. IJKA has started accepting these people and membership is growing, with individuals including former students of Master Asai.

The first to join IJKA in this way was Akiko Onishi, and the second to join was Hoshiyuki Satomura, with the third being his brother Shogo Satomura. Hoshiyuki, now a father to two children, along with his brother started training when he was three years old while they were still in nursery school. The fourth to join was Masato Nagahiro, and the fifth was Shou Yamamoto, who both looked up to Master Asai. We will introduce more members soon.

There are 2 classes, Class A and Class B, for the individual membership. In Class A members are illegible for learning Asai Karate and taking dan exams. Please see the page for more details 「We Now Accept Membership Application from Independent Karate Practitioners」. Class B is open to those who had taken a hiatus from karate and also welcomes total beginners, who agree to support activities of IJKA.

2018 Asai Cup International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament Dates Finalized as August 25th and 26th

Event title: 2018 Asai Cup International Martial Arts Karatedo Friendship Tournament
Dates: August 25, 26th, 2018
Host: Soke IJKA China Shanghai Jiading District Karatedo Association (Subject to change)
Co-host: Soke International Japan martial arts Karatedokai
Place: TBA

Concurrent to the event and before and after, the following will also be held; Judge workshop
Asai Karate technical workshop
Dan examination
International meeting

Mr.Tsai Eng-meng Accepts the Post of the Honorary Advisor of IJKA

Mr. Tsai Eng-meng, the CEO of Want Want China, has been practicing karate since he was 14 years old, and under the late Master Asai.
He was appointed as the honorary chairman when IJKA was set up in Shanghai in 2004, and in 2005 he built an impressive dojo larger than 330 m2 and an office for IJKA in the city, as a gift to Master Asai.
At the global meeting held in Taiwan Taipei on October 1st this year he accepted the position of the Honorary Advisor of IJKA in memory of our Soshi, Master Asai.
Below is the record of the events in Shanghai.

November 20th, 2005 International Japan martial arts Karatedo-kai (IJKA) Shanghai Headquarters Office and Dojo Open ? Sponsored by Mr.Tsai Eng-meng of Want Want China.

Firecrackers opened the celebration. Many renowned martial artists joined the ceremony and participated in the Enbu. The audience was awestruck by the karate performance as they watched the world’s top level techniques. A few hundred people applied to join the technical seminar taught by Asai Shuseki Shihan but only those with more than three years karate experience were able to join. About one hundred people received Master Asai’s passionate two-day training.

As dan certificates were being issued rampantly from those without such qualification in China, about 50 karate practitioners gathered to be examined properly by Master Asai to obtain legitimate dan certification. Chen Hunt-sung Sensei who has 43 years of karate experience also the general instructor of the Shanghai headquarters, and Toshiyuki Kidokoro who has 25 years of karate experience, joined Master Asai from Taiwan to carry out the two day stringent dan examination. The students were especially excited as this was the very first official karate dan examination to take place in China, and also because of the lineup of the examiners.

Tetsuhiko Asai Shuseki Shihan Pass on Karatedo Techniques in Shanghai

International Japan martial arts Karatedo-kai (IJKA) opened its Shanghai headquarters on July 5th, 2004. Asai Shihan saw the students of Shanghai University ardently practicing Karatedo in their self-taught styles, which led him to suddenly host a karate seminar at Fudan University in the evening of July 1st. Word of the event quickly spread and the chairman of the Karatedo Association of Shanghai University and their members, and other avid karate practitioners, gathered to get a glimpse of the eminent karate master. At the start of the seminar, Asai Shihan changed into his dogi and surprised the participants, who came in thinking they’d be lucky if they could hear a story or two from him. The amazed participants quickly changed into their own dogi, and those who did not bring theirs scrambled to find one. Many joined the practice in the dojo with their regular clothes. The air was suffocatingly hot in the dojo, but Asai Shihan taught for two full hours to the participants, who all learned passionately and practiced hard the new basic and new kata of karate.

All the participants came to the airport on July 5rd to see off the master, and enjoyed the last moments together. Everyone was happy that they learned more than they could hope for from Asai Shihan, and said the teachings helped them greatly.

Group photo of Asai Shihan, members of International Japan martial arts Karatedo-kai (IJKA) and its Shanghai headquarters, the chairmen of 関雲風and 関俊年, the chairmen from karatedokai of Fudan University, Shanghai University, Tongji University and other universities, members and the dojo head of Shanghai, instructors and students.

Thank you, Mr.Tsai Eng-meng

Since Tsai-san started learning karate under the late Master Asai in around 1970, for almost 50 years he provided support and assistance for Master Asai in private and public matters. Even after the master’s passing he continues to give unwavering support for IJKA and Mr. Chen Hunt-tsung. We thank Tsai Eng-meng Sensei from the bottom of our heart for his unswerving love.

IJKA Administrational Meeting January 10th, 2018 TAIWAN

2018 IJKA International Tournament
We had a series of discussions on October 1st, 7th and 10th about next year’s IJKA international tournament scheduled to be held in China, and discussed the following points:
1 Date: August 24th to 26th, 2018
2 Place: Shanghai, China
3 Event cost: To be confirmed by李淵深 in China based on past event PL details. 
4 Participants: Estimate 250 to 300 karate athletes
(Ⅰ) IJKA Meeting on Oct 1, 2017
  General planning of the 2018 IJKA international tournament in Shanghai. 
  Attendees: Keiko Asai (IJKA President), Chen Hsin-kuei (Head of Technical Office), Lin Mau-tsun (Head of Global Section), IJKA Taiwan, IJKA China Representative 李淵深

(Ⅱ)  IJKA Meeting on Oct 7th, 2017
  Attendees: Chen Hsin-kuei (Head of Technical Office), Lin Mau-tsu (Head of Global Section), IJKA Taiwan, IJKA China Representative 李淵深
(1) Event dates:August 24th, 25th, 26th, 2018 (as the 1st proposed dates)
  *Originally, China was planning on using the long weekend in early October (taking into consideration the venue’s air conditioning circumstances. The gym reserved for the event is not equipped with air conditioner. October is cool enough without it.)
  *The event cannot take place without support from Taiwan, so use the summer holiday (taking into consideration the participants from Taiwan.)

(2) Event schedule:
  First day (3 hours): Seminar for judges
  Second day (all day): Tournament
  Third day (All day): Seminars and Dan examinations
(3) 李淵深 from China will confirm the finances based on past event details. Points to consider:   
・ Venue fee (search for a place with air conditioning)
・ Participation fee(Admission fee)
・ Welcome party cost
・ Accommodation and allowance for judges (~10 from the region)
・ Allowance for admin and support staff
・ Support staff uniform cost
・ Publicity(李淵深)
:Conventionally karate tournaments have been hosted by China Karate Association, but this time the host is IJKA China.
・ Promotional materials such as polo shirts and T-shirts will be provided to the event’s VIPs, judges and admin support staff.
・ Shuttle service to and from the airport (limit to only main guests)
・ Estimate the participants to be about 250 to 300 people.
・ Cost for guests (transportation, accommodation, compensation)
(4) Costs to be borne by IJKA Honbu?
(5) Other
 From IJKA China (李淵深)
 To promote IJKA and to give students “incentive.”
・ Reconsider participation fee.
・ Reconsider sponsors (This event is different from the past tournaments)
(6)Confirm contacts for information exchange between China and Taiwan including that
    that from past events.
(7)Possibility of hosting a sightseeing tour around Shanghai after the tournament?

(Ⅲ) IJKA Meeting on Oct 7th, 2017
   Attendees: Chen Hsin-kuei (Head of Technical Office), IJKA China Representative李淵深, Toshiyuki Kidokoro (IJKA Global instructor)
(1) Mr. Chen shared the documents from the 2014 tournament. Then the event was outsourced to a promotion company (for staffing, press conferences, T-shirts, trophies, tournament brochures etc.)
   *Venue cost 
   *Judge cost
(2) Discussed participation fee for athletes and observers
(3) Discussed the payment to judges

To martial art-enthusiasts around the world,

Today, I ask for your generous donation to Mr. Bruno Koller.
Mr. Koller has been an avid practitioner of Japanese martial arts, and making a tremendous contribution to the development of Japanese martial arts in Europe.
My heart aches to see his body being seized by illness. So please, I ask you to pray for him and his family, and for their time together.
Thank you for your support.

President Keiko Asai
International Japan martial arts Karatedokai (IJKA)

For donation to Bruno Sensei please follow the link:
↓ ↓ ↓

IJKA - Asai Karate Seminar 2017 in Deutschland mit

IJKA-Asai Karate Seminar 2017 Germany IJKA-Asai Karate Seminar 2017 Germany

Photo Gallerry

The Kickoff Event Ends Successfully:
A Fresh Start for I.J.K.A. China

We held an IJKA training seminar on April 29th and 30th in Shanghai, China. The participants gathered from all over China, including those who travelled over 3,000km.
Others include those who came from Guizhou (2,300km), Qinghai (2,400km), Taicang/Suzhou (70km), Fujian (800km), Hebei (1,400km), Xi’an (1,300km), Nanjing (300km), and Changzhou (150km), representing their respective regions. Their eyes glowed with passion.
From start to end, every single move they made was an explosion of their full power and enthusiasm.

After the seminar, I was asked to give a comment as the president of the organization. I will write here what I said.
The very first thing I said was:
“Welcome back to IJKA, everyone.”
“You may think that this is an official ceremony to become an IJKA member for the first time, but it is not so.”
“There are many people here today who learned under the late Master Asai, and I know for a fact, as a witness of the events, that late Master Asai established both IJKA and JKS in China.”
“So today, this is not an event to officially recognize you as a part of IJKA, but an event to celebrate that you all came back home, and to celebrate the new start for IJKA in China.”
“For that, please make IJKA China’s karate something we can be proud of in the world.”
At the end of my speech, I added the following:
“When Master Asai passed away in 2006, teachers in Taiwan succeeded after him and they have been teaching Asai karate since. Then in 2010 on March 8th, we officially succeeded IJKA. We didn’t suggest you join IJKA as JKS and IJKA were both established by the same Master Asai, and karate practitioners should be able to choose what organization they want to be a part of. I just wanted to tell you this today.

※The History of Succession and Re-establishment of IJKA

2017IJKA-CHINA International Karatedo Seminar

Instructors and assistants who used to be direct pupils of Master Asai now spread over mainland China.
  Front row on the right: Head of Global Section Mr. Lin. Front row center: Keiko Asai. Front row on the left: Head of Technical Office Mr. Chen.

All participants from the event.

Given a piece of Chinese pottery from Ms.施海燕, the deputy chief of Huangupu District Shanghai the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China in

Seminar poster

The unveiling ceremony at China
Honbu Dojo

The thirteen panels on display showed the footsteps of Keiko Asai. Her life so far has been a center of curiosity among karate practitioners in China, and a roundtable talk was set up.

Viewing of footages and a roundtable talk about the person who introduced karate to Taiwan, at Huangpu Cultural Center. Right: Head of China Honbu, Mr. 李淵深
The head of Technical Office, Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei, Keiko Asai answering questions without rehearsals, and the head of Global Section, Mr. Lin.

Attended branches:
Jiangsu Branch, Shaanxi Branch, Guizhou Branch, Hebei Branch, Shanghai Branch, China Honbu, Jiangxi Branch, Fujian Branch, Qinghai Branch, Zhejiang Branch, Shanghai Commerce and Industry Foreign Language School Karatedo Association, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Karatedo Association, China Postgraduate College Karatedo Association (中博進修学院空手道協会) and five other college associations reside at Shanghai University. There seems to be more if we count those who could not make it to the event.

participants learning the Kihon Waza, the basic techniques.

Later on

Participants learned avidly the new kata created by Master Asai, called “Joko(常行).” They were very excited to learn something completely new, saying that they’ve been to Japan on numerous occasions for karate training but nobody knows that kata. They all seemed to find the movement graceful and impressive, as they said they would practice from Joko Issei to Gosei from now on.

■Report from the host in Shanghai

Report(Original text in Chinese)=>感??恩,也感?大家的支持! ??2017年IJKA上海??会??

  • Title
    1. 1. Thank Master’s grace, and you for your support! 2017 IJKA Shanghai Seminar Ends
  • Picture 1(Top)
    1. 2017-06-01 Karatedo((*1)Shotokan-ryu)
        During the long weekend in May, we had a series of activities including an IJKA technical seminar and Dan examination over 3 days.
  • Picture 2 (Bottom)
    1. 1. As one of the pioneers in spreading the Shoto-physical education and the traditional karatedo in China, our organization has seen many twists and turns during the course of its development, which are filled with colorful stories.
      This time, we put more effort into making the seminar and related trainings more meaningful. We invited the IJKA Head of Technical Office, Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei as the main instructor at the technical seminar and for the dan examination.
  • Picture 3(Bottom)
    1. What we learned was a very characteristic Asai karate (*1) developed by Tetsuhiko Asai Shihan.
      Chen Hsin-kuei Shihan learned directly under Tetsuhiko Asai Shihan, and is learning from Chen Hung-tsung Shihan (9 dan).
      In 2004, “Shoto PE” officially joined Asai karatedo. IJKA immediately responded by setting up the instructors with Chen Shihan as the main instructor, and started teaching us the karate techniques.
  • Picture 4 (Bottom)
    1. Chen Shihan has spent seven to eight years developing a series of karatedo exercise. He has gone through different ups and downs, but, here we are. We all share the same gratitude towards our Master.

We received this letter from Shanghai.


I would like to briefly explain the reason and the background behind my decision to join IJKA.

Between 2003 and 2004.
Thanks to Mrs. Asai’s arrangement and support from some sponsors, myself and a few others were able to have the opportunity to meet with Master Asai in Shanghai, and participated in the karate training organized by the group established by Master Asai. Master Asai appointed Chief instructor Mr. Chan Hontsung as our karatedo instructor.

I was very thankful to both the late Master Asai and Mrs. Asai for their consideration.

Master Asai then started up JKS and IJKA China headquarters and a Shanghai branch.

After Master Asai’s passing, we continued training and maintaining our organization, under the guidance of the master in Taiwan. During this period, we stopped receiving contacts from IJKA China headquarters and Shanghai branch.

We really didn’t know what the situation was at the time.

In 2011, the masters in Taiwan left JKS. They didn’t tell us to follow them and also leave JKS. Naturally, we ended up inheriting the JKS China headquarters and Shanghai branch, and received approval from JKS General Headquarters.
I myself became the person who was responsible for JKS China Headquarters.

Between 2011 and 2016, I personally put everything towards the development of karate.

During that period, JKS-China used to host international training seminars and dan examinations every year in May. At the same time, I used to take our members to Japan every December to join the training seminar hosted by the Japan JKS General Headquarters.
I also personally kept in touch with the masters in Taiwan, which I thought was only natural.

When we joined a seminar by the Japan JKS General Headquarters again on December 3rd 2016, the masters from the general headquarters stated to me clearly that my personal relationship with IJKA had caused the suspension of the Chinese headquarters membership.

I told them right then to not mix official and private matters.

However, JKS General Headquarters claimed that even personal relationships are in danger of being used to put JKS at a disadvantage.
(JKS during this time has already stripped the membership from the headquarters of two big countries.)

After, the global manager repeated the same thing in front of all the 30 members from China who were there, and announced the two points:

1. Those who have already acquired dan and membership are eligible to contact the general headquarters directly and apply for a branch membership.
2. Many organizations have hostile relations with our organization. The members of JKS are not permitted to participate in any of the activities hosted by these groups.

I personally respect the decisions made by the masters from the JKS General Headquarters.

When I returned to Shanghai on December 5th, I announced to all the JKS members found in the boundaries of China the decisions. At the same time, I declared that JKS-CHINA has been shut down.
Since then, I did my best to close down the organization smoothly.

After everything was completed, I announced to the JKS General Headquarters in mail the following:

1. I respect your decisions;
2. I appreciate all the support you have given me all this time;
3. I will leave JKS.

I applied for a membership with IJKA one month after I officially left JKS. During the month, I did not ask anyone publically to come with me, or join any organization. During this period, for various reasons, countless slanderous comments were made toward myself and to my organization.
I thought that any form of dispute could only harm karatedo, and taint the reputation of Master Asai and the people around him

Master Asai used to say “not refuse those who come, nor follow those who leave.”

I still strongly hold onto the feelings I used to receive from Master Asai.

Ms. Akiko Onishi Joins as the individual Member of IJKA

We announced that Soke International Japan martial arts Karatedo KAI(IJKA) welcomes anyone who shared the true passion for karate with us regardless of whether being part of a karate organization or not.
Ms. Akiko Onishi came to us right away, and successfully obtained the first individual membership of SOKE IJKA from Japan. She attended the 2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship, at which she, so joyful and active, was warmly welcomed by everyone.
【Experience in Karate】
Received karate training from JKS from the age of 6 to 20.
Received 2 dan at the age of 17.
After 22 years of hiatus, she took up the practice again in 2015, training under her older sister.

【Reasons for Membership Application】
My older sister and I started karate together and she still is an active karate practitioner.
She used to attend all Master Asai’s seminars; never missing one.
Watching her classic katas, I began to develop the itch to start practicing again. She looked so impressive and I wanted to be able to do the same.
While showing me the katas, my sister also used to say how she wanted to learn more from Master Asai. There were katas she still hadn’t learned from him, and that she wanted to receive training from the other organization Master Asai established (ie. IJKA.)

I became curious about IJKA, established by Master Asai, as an organization that inherited the spirits of his teachings, and so I began researching.
The image of Master Asai portrayed on the IJKA website was exactly the same as how imagined him to be from hearing my sister’s stories.
As I read the website, I realized the reasons I quit karate, the aspects of it I didn’t like, and it didn’t have to be the way it was.
I am not interested in winning the tournaments or obtaining a high-ranking dan, or becoming a prestigious judge. I just want to be able to perform the kata and pursue the karate waza deeper.
I gathered up my courage and contacted IJKA. I talked to Asai Keiko Sensei and my thoughts were confirmed. That’s how I decided to apply for a membership.

【Comments on the Championship】
Everyone was so welcoming and kind to me even though it was first time for me to meet them.
I was moved by the fact that there was no one making displays of strength or being overbearing about their accomplishments.
At Chen sensei’s seminar, I was overwhelmed by feelings of astonishment and awe. I was convinced that I could get a real karate training from these people.
As soon as I returned to Japan, I told my sister and asked her to join me. She also became interested in learning from Chen sensei.
I am hoping to go visit [Taiwan] next year for some good training, from morning until evening, for a few days.

Ms. Onishi making a dignified entrance at the opening ceremony

Mr. Giosuel Koller from Swizerland (Left);
Ms. Akiko Onishi (Right)

Ms. Onishi (the third from the right) training hard at Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hontsung’s technical seminar.

From the left: Mr. Giosuel Koller from Swizerland,
Mr. John Christian and Mr. Otto Riedinger from Germany,
Ms. Onishi, Mr. Gerhard Schoenferder from Germany.

At the welcome dinner with IJKA executive members.
From left: Mr. Toshiyuki Kidoko (7 dan), Ms. Onishi,
and Mr. Lin Mau-tsu the global section head,
Vice President of IJKA Taiwan and his wife

Mr. Onishi posing with IJKA president Mrs. Keiko Asai.

Global Admin Meeting Held After Tournament

Date: Oct. 16, 2016
Venue:Providence University, Taichung City, Taiwan
IJKA President淺井 惠子(Keiko Asai)
IJKA Shuseki Shihan陳宏宗(Chen Hunt-tsung)
IJKA Head of Technical Office陳興桂(Chen Hsin-kuei)
IJKA Technical Office Global Instructor城所俊行(Toshiyuki Kidokoro)
汪儒郁(wang ruyu)
Riedinger Otto
Ji,-Bang -Yen

Meeting summary:
1. FORMENTON GIUSEPPE from Italy, Riedinger Otto from Germany
  The two members above are appointed as the official assistant for IJKA Europe Head of instructor, Bruno Koller.

2. Ji,-Bang -Yen is appointed as a global instructor working under the Global Instructor Committee.

3. We hereby declare the establishment of Global Instructor Committee.

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship Athletes Night

After the tournament, everyone had fun at the “Athletes Night party.
” Took off the karategi and quickly turned into a musician

The girls were cute dancers with their handmade costumes

2016 IJKA Dan Examination

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship ended successfully on October 15th.
The international karate technical seminar was held the next day on the 16th with Master Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hontsung, followed by a dan exam.

Head of Technical Office Chen, Hsin-kuei 8 Dan

Instructor Kidokoro , Toshiyuki 7 Dan

Instructor Wan, Ju-yu 6 Dan

Riedinger Otto Instructor Riedinger, Otto 5 Dan

Member Schoenferder, Gerhard 5 Dan

Member John, Christian 3 Dan

Member Hisa, Tetsuyuki 3 Dan

Congratulations to all for passing the exam.。

ドイツ Mr.OTTOさんに黒帯を贈る理事長 浅井恵子

2016 IJKA Technical Seminar

Technical seminar with Master Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hontsung

Above: High-ranking members eagerly learning from Chief Instructor Mr.Chen Hontsung at the seminar

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship was held in Taichung, Taiwan, on October 15th

Host:国際日本武術空手道会 IJKA、   中華民国空手道連盟





Members, all admirers of Master Asai, came from all over Taiwan and abroad to get together at the event.
The event had Master Asai’s favourite direct pupils, and their 2nd and 3rd generation pupils, all mingling and showing their best performances.

2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship

Participants waiting for their turn at the opening ceremony

Participants waiting for their turn at the opening ceremony

Opening ceremony.
Some judges at seated in front

The President Keiko Asai making opening remarks at the ceremony

Behind the distinguished guests is the large, impressive poster of Master Asai.
On the reft is Mr. Bruno Koller from Switzerland, with his nurse Theo to his left.






2016 Asai Cup International Karatedo Championship

Looking good in suits. The judges are Master Asai’s first, second, andthird generation pupils

The executives are Master Asai’s second andthird generation pupils

Behind the judging area is the large impressive poster of Master Asai

The President Keiko Asai Making opening remarks at the ceremony

Group photo of IJKA Taiwan and IJKA Europe members

3rd generation high-ranking students

A 3-year old eager participant

Tetsuhiko Asai's Karatedo Biographical Film "武魂 (Bukon, the Spirit of Bushido)" Started


Director Mr. Shimomura and staff having a production meeting at San Want Hotel for the upcoming movie production

We Now Accept Membership Application from Independent Karate Practitioners

Recently, we are getting many inquires about Asai Karate.
According to these emails, there are many karate lovers , who quit karate at some point in their lives because of some personal reasons (such as work, studies, marriage, health issues, etc.) but have come back to it. Furthermore, these people do not intend to join any karate organizations; they simply want to keep practicing, including the katas created by Master Tetsuhiko Asai, and acquire the skills.

For that reason,SOKE IJKA has decided to accept those individuals who don’t belong to any kind of organizations, and allow them to join us in training. Master Asai was not concerned about what schools or ryu of karate people practiced, so the admission to SOKE IJKA is decided regardless of their schools. The admission is limited however, to those who love karate and has healthy mind and body.

Click here for katas Master Asai created.
Click here for information about fees.
Click here for contacting SOKE IJKA

2016 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Tournament material

final 2016 IJKAp

Master Asai Memorial Karate-Camp 2016 in Luzern, Switzerland

The Master Asai Memorial Karate Camp 2016 is over. All was perfect, including wonderful weather in Lucerne these days. We had 5 days full of strong good spirit in the European IJKA-Honbu Dojo. We all enjoyed it very much to train together and to spend this wonderful time together. In total 50 Karateka visited the Camp and trained with Keibou Sensei and Bruno Koller Sensei. This Camp was just amazing!

2016 Asai Cup
the European IJKA-Honbu Dojo

2016 Asai Cup

Master Asai Memorial Karate-Camp 2016 in Luzern, Switzerland foto

2016 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Tournament Itinerary

2016 Asai Cup

Preparations Well Underway for Movie
“The Story of Tetsuhiko Asai (Draft)”

Preparations for the movie “The Story of Tetsuhiko Asai (Draft)” are well underway, and its production is scheduled to launch this May.
The theme of the movie has been finalized: it focuses on how the late Master Asai introduced and spread karate in Taiwan, and how he came to be known as the ”father of Taiwan karate."

IJKA-moviecredit (edited)-1.jpg


Application for Movie Credit Commemoration.jpg

To apply, please send the application to:
International Japan Martial arts Karatedokai I.J.K.A
Shinzyuku Nagatani Building. 203c
2-45-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Japan 160-0021

Or email the application to:"

Master Asai 10th Commemoration Karatedo Tournament To Be Hosted in Taichong, Taiwan in 2016

This year will mark the 10th anniversary since the passing of Master Asai.

To commemorate this event, this year’s IJKA Asai Cup International Friendship Karate Tournament will be held in Taipei, Taiwan. The dates have been decided as October 15thand 16th, and this took into consideration the typhoon season and children’s school schedule.

The decision was made at the meeting (held on January 8th) attended by IJKA Soke, Shuseki Shihan Chen hunt-tsung, the technical office, and the head of the technical office Chen Hsin-kuei, instructor Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro, Mr. Wang Ju-yu, Mr. Chou, Chih-Wen, and the director in Taiwan. The location and the dates were later agreed to by other global instructors such as Mr. Otto Riedinger, and Mr. Bruno Koller.

Master Asai Memorial Karate-Camp 2016 in Luzern, Switzerland

Announcement Asai-Camp 2016.jpg

Announcement Asai-Camp 2016.jpg

Students Practice Hard at IJKA Taiwan Honbu Dojo

On December 20th 2015, President IJKA Soke Keiko Asai visited the IJKA Taiwan Honbu Dojo. Every students was training hard and their enthusiasm filled the room.

Every students was training hard and their enthusiasm filled the room.

Many students come as a family. The two students at the far end are a mom and dad. It was only the daughter at first, but as the dad was dropping off and picking up his daughter at the dojo, he decided to join himself. Then the mom joined. They are both university professors.

During a break, the sister, who has more experience, was kindly teaching a younger one.

Also, the smallest of the students was practicing a new kata, being not so confident about it, but practicing intensely. 。

“The Legend of Tetsuhiko Asai Karatedo” Film Production Finalized!

On October 11th, Keiko Asai, President of the IJKA Soke, visited Taiwan with the famous Japanese movie director Masaru Shimomura and producer Shimada for location scouting,
for the production of a film about the legend of the late Master Asai's karatedo.

The Department of Public Information in Taiwan extended generous support to the film crew, and released the news to the major local newspapers.

Media coverage:

Apple Daily 蘋果日報
Epoch Times 大紀元
Department of Public Information Press Release 新聞局昨日有發新聞稿


“The Father of Taiwan Karatedo: Film Crew Starts Location Scouting in Taiwan for Upcoming Karate Movie In Commemoration of Tetsuhiko Asai”

from a local Taiwanese paper:

Taiwanese karatedo athletes have been showing outstanding results at international tournaments. At the root of this is the great master of the Japanese karatedo, Tetsuhiko Asai. Close to 80 % of high-performing karate athletes from Taiwan are either Asai's pupils, or second generation pupils.
His wife, a famous Taiwanese celebrity, Keiko Asai, is nowplanning to start production of a film to celebrate the great legacy that her husband left with us.
The Department of Public Information has announced that it would extend its full support to the production team.
From “girls self-defense” to “karate shiharadori,” these were all created by the great master Asai through his tireless training.
As mentioned, 80% of star Taiwanese karatedo athletes have inherited Asai karate. Master Asai, who recognized the good physique of the Taiwanese and their natural talent for martial-arts, established the first dojo in Taichung in 1964.
Taiwan was then put under martial law, and the dojos wereshut down one by one. (Comment by Keiko Asai: We didn't close them.)
This did not stop karate from spreading.
He successfully combined the crane fist technique with karate, and earned the title of “the Father of Karetedo.”
His technique requires speed, and it's known to deter opponents before they can make a single move.
A native of Taipei, Keiko Asai is about to launch production for the movie “The Father of Taiwanese Karatedo: Tetsuhiko Asai,” to commemorate the late master Asai's accomplishments, and to document the development of Taiwanese karatedo. She spent a few days in TAIWAN with the film producer as well as the director, to research the historical background of the 1960's. They also went location scouting at places like the elementary school affiliated with National Taichung University of Education and National Taichung Girls' Senior High School. The filming will officially start next year, including auditions for cast members.
Keiko Asai (陳恵珠) was born in 1940. She later became a star actress at the Taiwanese movie company 中央映画会社. She also appeared in many movies and TV shows in Japan, which eventually led her to meet and marry the Japanese karateka Asai Tetsuhiko in 1963. She then moved her base to Japan.
According to the Department of Public Information, Mr. Asai officially introduced Japan's Shotokan karate to Taiwan in 1964 and was crowned the title of “the father of Taiwanese karate.” Mrs. Asai supported her husband with establishing dojos across Taiwan, as well as in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Shanghai.
(Translation: IJKA)

Entry from Keiko Asai's blog:
October 13th
When I returned from Taoyuan to my hotel and finally caught my breath, I sat there and felt a sense of relief wash over me. I've been trying my best to do something for Japan and Taiwan, but this time it seems like I can really help Eniwa city of Hokkaido Japan and Taoyuan city of Taiwan, and both seemed happy about the project.
October 14th
The last day was spent in Taichung This is the city where I was born and raised. It's also the birth place of Taiwanese karate, so the whole crew is very excited about the visit.
As I wrote in my blog on June 15th, when I first visited the city with Someno-san, Mr.Fang (房瑞文), the director of the Department of Sports, and Mr. Lin (林秋萬), the director of the Department of Public Information, both from the municipal government, hosted us very courteously. I was hoping to meet them again, but our correspondence at the end of September told us that they were too busy. I would've liked to delay our TAIWAN visit but our movie director, who is also a very busy man himself, couldn't reschedule the trip, so even though I couldn't arrange a meeting with the officials, we came to Taiwan on October 11th, as originally planned.

So, initially we had no plans to visit Taichung, but we got a surprise call from Mr.Fang on 13th asking us if were in Taiwan. I told him yes, and he said they would be waiting for us on the 14th. The time was up to us.
Our film producer Shimada-san, director Shimomura-san, a secretary, and I hopped on a bullet train and headed to Taichung for a ten o'clock meeting.
Mis. Yang (楊), from the Department of Public Information , awaited us in front of the
government building, and then guided us to meet Mr.Lin.
Mr. Fang made some time for us in his busy schedule, and joined the meeting. He even gave each of us a present.
He kindly offered to support the film production in any way he could, so I asked him to contact the elementary school affiliated with the National Taichung University of Education for a permission for us to look around the school. This school is one of the most prestigious schools, and I thought it would be a difficult for us to enter. Mr.Fang said he would gladly help with these specific requests, and he called the school right away. Mr. Lin told us that he would help us with arranging the movie sets and other location-related matters, equipment, props, transportation, and staff. He then said that the government could grant a subsidy and that I should apply.
We are so lucky to have these officials' understanding and their kind support.
After the conference, Mr. Lin arranged us a ride and we looked around the city for about two hours including my school.
The Department distributed the news, and at the end of the day the four major newspapers in Taiwan took up our story extensively (see below.)
This day was another day filled with pure gratitude.


From the right (in white shirt) and counterclockwise: Mr. Lin, the director of department of public information, Mr. Fang, the director of department of sports, the director Mr. Shimomura, producer Mr. Shimada, and Keiko Asai.  

Pictures Arrive From Senbukai Germany

Today, we received the photos from the karate seminar hosted by Senbukai Germany on April 25th and 26th. Below is the message from Technical Director Senbukai Germany, Mr. Gerhard Schonfelder:
 Dear Mrs Asai,

  I hope you are well and healthy and everything is ok in Tokyo.
I just came back home from the seminar with Keibou Sensei in Nuremberg. It really was a great
event with a top class teacher who let us participate in his huge knowledge in Karate and Martial Arts.
Everybody was highly satisfied with the course and we of Senbukai Germany are proud of being
a member of the IJKA family. Please find enclosed a few fotos of Keibou Sensei's stay in Germany.
Unfortunately i did not take too much pictures this time because I was practicing all the time.

Gerhard (Technical Director SENBUKAI Germany)


Keibou Sensei was teaching Tekki Nidan.



received a gift from the dojo chief of Nuremberg


the group foto is with the Senbukai Germany group


taken during sightseeing around Nuremberg.

"Kenseikan Germany And Senbukai Germany Are To Cohost A Karate Seminar."


2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament and Technical Seminar Ends with a Great Success

Following the great success of 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament that was held on September 27th this year, a technical seminar was held the next day. Participants were eager to learn the new kata of “Seiryu,” and the room was filled with their excitement.

Footage: Chen Hsin-kuei Sensei teaching Seiryu kata

Footage: Explaining bunkai waza of Seiryu kata

Footage: Embu of Bujyutu Karate with the global instructor Wang Ju-yu.

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Opening Demonstration By The Head of Global Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei
(Kata: Ransetu乱雪)

Footage: Toshiyuki Kidokoro (Global instructor) in front, Wang Ju-yu (Global instructor) to the right, and Ji, Bang-Yen (Taiwan IJKA instructor, winner of kata and kumi at this event) to the left in the back

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Opening Demonstration By The Head of Global Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei
(Kata: Seiryu青柳)

Footage: Chen Hsin-kuei showing embu (Kata: Seiryu)

All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association Performed Embu

We received a congratulatory message from the third generation Soke of All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association, Yoshihiro Morizane sensei, as below:

Congratulations on the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karate Friendship Tournament

All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association
The Third Soke Yoshihiro Morizane

On the occasion of the commencement of Asai Cup IJKA International Karate Friendship Tournament for the year 2014, I wish to extend to you my heartfelt congratulations. I also wish to thank everyone who has spent copious efforts into making this great event a reality.

The All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association’s relationship with the IJKA Shuseki Shihan Chen Hunt-tsung sensei goes back over 30 years, to when my father, the second Soke Yoshitaka Morizane, met Chen sensei. My father travelled to Taiwan to meet a true butoka. He became acquainted with the White Crane Fist Chen sensei, and came to know first-hand the greatness of the White Crane Fist. He told me that he visited Chen sensei on numerous occasions thereafter and maintained a connection with him as fellow butoka, respecting each other’s ryu-ha and techniques. I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude on behalf of our former Soke, to whom he placed absolute trust, for having this good rapport as two true butoka. This relationship is still well and strong today.

Two years ago when we held our All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association 60th Commemoration we had the honor to invite over 30 people, including Chen sensei from IJKA, and see the wonderful embu. As a performance from Shaolin Butoku’s friend organization, we were able to make a good impression to our kenshi and their families for having the breadth and the depth in our connections. Thank you again for participating in our event.

I sincerely wish for our relationship to grow stronger, and our exchange to become even more active in the days to come.

Lastly, please allow me to congratulate again on the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karate Friendship Tournament, and wish you all a great success, and a continued success of the organization. Thank you.

In addition, members from All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association performed the great embu.

1.Suiken-----------福島一生 5 dan

2.鶴三陣拳------白石弘明 6 dan 


4.瘋魔杖--------浦 正樹

5. White Crane Fist---------Shinji Morizane 6dan

6.拳相対---------中山富雄 7dan、浦 千治  

The footage shows 棍相対--------by 冨安定喜、冨安裕次郎

The footage shows White Crane Fist --------- by Shinji Morizane

Touching Performance: Embu at 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Press Conference

At the press conference held the day before the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament held on September 26th in Taipei, Taiwan, boy of a mere six years old頼瑞謙bravely performed an embu along with his sister頼亭論 (senior at her junior high school) and her father頼怡宏. Her cute gestures including stepping ahead of her family before the performance and checking the standing position charmed the people around him.
劉慕慈, now in her third grade, is the cutest karate champion who has been winning all karate tournaments in Taiwan including the Taiwan Karate Tournament. She also claimed the championship at the Asai Cup. What is more is that she is very well mannered and honest that her personality excels her karate skills.
Her performance all around touched everyone.

Touching Performance: Shuseki Shihan Chen hunt-tsung sensei

Our Shuseki Shihan Chen Hunt-tsung sensei showed the participants “Bujyutu Karate”at the technical seminar held in conjunction with the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship, The room was filled with zealous students beaming with happiness trying to master the skills.
The head of technical office, Chen Hsin-kuei sensei performed the Bujyutu Karate, which is not part of the conventional karate a sport. Seeing the embu, the participants were thrilled to see the remarkable power of this karate. The embu was followed by Chen Hsin-kuei sensei teaching the kata “seiryu (青柳)” that Master Asai drilled into him thirty years ago, and it was also well received by the participants, who continued the fervent training.

主席師範 陳宏宗先生1

主席師範 陳宏宗先生2

主席師範 陳宏宗先生3

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 6

We had a great turn out at the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament held on September 27th.




After the opening ceremony, the participants all watched the footage of the late Master Asai showing his karate skills.


The footage was taken at the 1961 All Japan National Tournament (more accurately an international event, as many contenders joined from outside Japan.) He fought with Hirokazu Kanazawa at the preliminary, and continued winning straight through all other rounds against eight tough opponents including Kusumoto, Mikami , and Shirai , and finally winning the championship. The audience watched the footage intently, and those who were inheritors of Asai Karate all expressed how much they missed him.

IJKA Administrational Meeting evening of September 28, 2014 TAIWAN

On October 12th, we received from Mr. Otto in Germany a meeting minutes of the global meeting held on September 27th, 2014. We apologize for the delay in posting this on our website. The following was decided at the meeting:


IJKA President Mrs. Keiko Asai
Head of IJKA Technical OfficeMr. Chen Hsin-kuei
Global Instructors Mr. Koller Bruno
Mr. Formenton Guiseppe
Mr. Wang Ju-yu
Mr. Riedinger Otto
Head of Global Section ChiefMr. Lin Mau-tsu

  1. The participants agree to the Presidents proposal as to organizing IJKA along the lines of traditional Budo schools. So from now on, Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei is Kaiso (Founder) and Soshi (Original master of the IJKA). As Founder, he is 1st Generation.
  2. The current members of the Instructor Committee are regarded as 2nd Generation
  3. 50 years ago, Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei came to Taiwan to teach Karate. He met his brother-in-law Chen Hunt-tsung Sensei, who was already a master of White Crane Kung Fu. They exchanged techniques and created the basic principles of what was to become Asai Karate. So Asai Karate as a martial art is a hybrid of Shotokan Karate, White Crane Kung Fu, Judo and includes useful techniques of other martial arts as well.
  4. The instructors will receive information from Mrs. Asai as how to create special Makiwara pads for daily training.
  5. Italy's IJKA global instructor, Mr. Formenton, agreed to host the next Asai Cup IJKA Karatedo Tournament and it was agreed by all meeting attendees.

We Declare That The IJKA Certified By The Japanese Cabinet Is The Soke of Asai Karate.

The IJKA Global Meeting on September 28th, 2014

We declare, as a resolution of the global meeting, that Master Asai Tetsuhiko is the Soshi of the International Japan martial arts Karatedokai (IJKA) as well as of Asai Karate, and that the Not-for-Profit Organization, the International Japan martial arts Karatedokai (IJKA) certified by the Japanese cabinet, is the Soke of Asai Karate.

2014年9月28日IJKA国際会議 Meeting

Date:Sept.28th, 2014

President : Keiko Asai
Shuseki Shihan: Chen Hunt-tsung
Head of Technical Office: Chen Hsin-kuei
Global Instructor:Toshiyuki Kidokoro
Formenton Giuseppe
Wang Ju-yu
Chou, Chih-Wen
Riedinger Otto
The original Taiwan Honbu Dojo Global Section Chief: Lin Mau-tsun

For that reason, our organization will be comprised of as follows:

Soke: IJKA
Kaiso (founder), the Soshi (original master), and the original Shuseki Shihan: Tetsuhiko Asai
Original President of IJKA: Keiko Asai
Nidaime (2nd generation) Shuseki Shihan: Chen Hunt-sung
Nidaime (2nd generation) Head of Technical Office: Chen Hsin-kuei
Nidaime (2nd generation) Global instructor: BRUNO KALLER
Toshiyuki Kidokoro
Formenton Giuseppe
Wang Ju-yu
Chou, Chih-Wen
Riedinger Otto
Nidaime (2nd generation) Taiwan Honbu Dojo Global Section Chief: Lin Mau-tsun

IJKA Administrational Meeting September 26, 2014 TAIWAN

After the press conference we held the IJKA global meeting.

Date:Sept.26th, 2014

President : Keiko Asai
Shuseki Shihan:Chen Hunt-tsung
Nidaime (2nd generation) Global instructor: BRUNO KALLER
Formenton Giuseppe
Wang Ju-yu
Chou, Chih-Wen
Riedinger Otto
The original Taiwan Honbu Dojo Global Section Chief: Lin Mau-tsun/td>




The agenda for the meeting was about establishing IJKA as “Soke.” The topic was sent to the participants prior to the meeting so that they were able to discuss the matter within their respective countries before coming to the table to vote.

More specifically, the following proposal was sent and reviewed by the members:

1. Master Asai is the Kaiso of IJKA as he founded the organization
2. Master Asai is the Ryuso of IJKA as he created his karate waza and kata. Since IJKA is not bound to one single school/ryu, he should be regarded as the original master, Soshi.

For these reasons, from now on we will officially call Master Asai the Kaiso and Karate Soshi of IJKA.

There are currently a few organizations outside of Japan that call themselves IJKA, and this is an uncomfortable situation for all parties involved.
After Master Asai’s passing, I was under medical treatment for a broken spine for three years and unable to do much. So I imagine those students who were left alone without the master were exasperated at that time, and had to start up their own IJKA groups. I do not feel that we need to make a fuss about them, except for those who abuse Master Asai’s name. Master Asai had a very strong mentoring relationship with some of them, so I have not had any intention of being adversarial against them, but I could not find the best way to solve this situation.

Going forward, however, I believe the best way is to use the Japanese traditional system, and regard Master Asai as our IJKA’s Soke (the original family), and acknowledge other IJKA groups as our Bunke (branch family). In case of a karate event, Soke will ask Bunke if they would like to join, and we can cooperate.

In order to act in accordance with Master Asai’s belief that “those who are learners of Budo should work together,” let alone following the same Asai karate under the same name of IJKA, we should develop a friendly relationship.
If needed, we can exchange techniques. Furthermore, on the premise that we do not get involved with the operation of their IJKA organizations, we can issue certificates of Bunke, if there is a request. I wonder what everyone thinks about my proposition?

The proposal was agreed by consensus. The participants of the meeting made a pledge to forever protect and ensure a proper succession of Asai-karate under the name of Soke.

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends a Great Success 5

We held a press conference on September with many reporters from various newspaper companies and TV stations.





Read articles (sorry, Chinese only)

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 4

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament ended successfully,
and I was simply moved by the efforts put into this event by the members of Taiwan IJKA Tetsuhiko Kan
and the board members who spent many months preparing for the tournament day and night.
I am also grateful that for the generous donations many people made, which helped pay for the event!
Thank you also for those who showed abundant hospitality who volunteered to chaperon and host international participants with every meal, which they did with passion.
It was very touching and I could not help but be teary to see Master Asai’s students all together, and on the last day hugging each other as they parted.
I am certain that Master Asai was also happy to see that from heaven. So I thank everyone one more time. Thank you.
The participants told me that they were “really proud of our IJKA because IJKA has warmth and the strongest passion towards karate.” I was very happy to hear this.
Everyone’s excitement ran high when Chen Hunt-tsung Sensei showed “Bujyutu Karate,” to which they practiced enthusiastically and happily,
and even higher when the Technical Office head Chen Hsin-kuei, who received Master Asai’s strict training for 30 years, performed the kata of “Seiryu” for the first time and taught it to the participants.
After the tournament, we received many calls from Master Asai’s former students from Mexico, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries.

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 3

We are honored to have had so many participants at the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA Taiwan International Karatedo Friendship Tournament.
In Taiwan especially, many people came from all over the island to celebrate the memories of “the father of Taiwanese Karatedo,” Tetsuhiko Asai.
Including those from abroad, most of Master Asai’s former students brought their own students and their students’ students.

The participants were as follows:

Country:     Representative:

Germany     Otto Riedinger

Italy       Giuseppe Formenton

France      Pascal Fargette

Indonesia    Jonggi WL Tambunan

China       夏佳韵

China(Shanghai)  邱 旭峰

China(Shenzhen)  高泉煕

China(Hong Kong)  王向軍

Taiwan(Pingtung)  呉國華

Taiwan(Taipei)    劉祖誠

Taiwan(Hualien)   宗一忠

Taiwan(Kaohsiung)  潘蔡仁

Taiwan(Tainan)    胡曉明

Taiwan(Chiayi)    許俊翰

Taiwan(Taichung)  栄一信

Taiwan(Hsinchu)   紀邦彦

Taiwan(Taoyuan)   頼啓東

古亭Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 呉憲耀

通安Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 黄博厚

健安Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 楊徳華

中華電信Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 周智文

National Chung Hsing University Dojo 梁洪陶

興雅國中Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan)   汪儒郁

博愛国小道場Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 汪儒郁

City of Taipei, Taiwan       林茂椿

From Japan, we had the honor to have the third Soke of All Japan Shaolin Butoku kai,
Yoshihiro Morizane Sensei, who kindly brought ten high ranking sensei’s from his organization and performed an embu.
Morizane sensei and the Shuseki Shihan of the IJKA, Chen Hunt-tsung share a thirty years of friendship over two generations.

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 2

Congratulatory message from the IJKA Shuseki Shihan
In 1962, my sister came back to Taiwan with her husband, Tetsuhiko Asai-san in tow, who had just won the world’s karate grand championship. I was an acting Shihan of the White Crane Fist at the time, practicing the White Crane Fist and the 7-Jointed Whip under my Sensei along with my kohai students,
In Taiwan, “any comers are our guests.” Especially when the visitor is a husband of my sister and let alone the practitioner of bujyutsu, it was only natural that we set up a party to host him with great hospitality.
After a few good drinks, my sensei and my brother-in-law started competing with their own feverish techniques under the table. After the round my sensei told me that I absolutely must “learn bujyutsu under this person.”
From the next day, my teacher put all of his students under Asai sensei for training. This was the seed of Taiwanese karate. During the mere month he taught us the basic bujyutsu of karate, explained detailed training methods and key points, and gave us a set of documents that further clarified his points.
At the same time, Asai sensei felt the power of the White Crane Fist and the arcana of the Seven Section Whip that he asked me to show him some of the White Crane Fist’s kata and kumite, as well as some points of the Seven Section Whip.
To our surprise, in less than ten days, Asai sensei mastered more than 2/3 of the bujyutsu that took me over ten years to learn. We could not but be in awe of his natural talent for bujyutu and his spirit and the determination for training. Our respect for Asai sensei grew even more.

He then was sent to Hawaii to teach karate there for five years. During those years, we kept learning under him through letters and pictures, asking him about various techniques and problems.
After five years, Shihan and my sister came to Taiwan to spread karate here, as promised. When I was watching Asai sensei performing an embu one day, I noticed that his power was filled with more surprises, his techniques more sinuous, beautiful, graceful and refined. After a closer look, I realized that Shihan had incorporated the essentials of the White Crane Fist and Seven Section Whip into karate. As a result, he was executing offense and defense movements simultaneously, and moving after the opponent but being
able to attack first, which all lead to the even more powerful original Asai Karate.
After a few years in Taiwan, Asai Shihan went back to Sohonbu in Japan to head the Japan Karate
Association’s technical office and Shuseki Shihan. He established IJKA in 1990, and JKS in 2000, and
became Shuseki Shihan for both groups.
Every year, we exchanged visits, and every time I noticed that he added new techniques to his karate.
During the forty years of apprenticeship under Asai Shihan, I always had something new to learn and
experience. His bujyutuka spirit was reflected in everyday human life relationships, and as his bujyutu
attained higher and higher excellence, his butoku, the martial virtue, with regards to human nature
became even more strict. He is our proud Kaiso of the International Japan martial arts Karatedokai
I am happy that we were able to come together today to train and push each other to a higher level.
I am also grateful, and believe that everyone here feels the same, that we were able to have trained
under Kaiso and the first Shuseki Shihan of IJKA, and now have the opportunity to further develop one’s
skills the martial virtue.
the International Japan martial arts Karatedokai (IJKA)

Chen Hunt-tsung
Shuseki Shihan

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success

We have just returned from Taipei.
The 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament ran smoothly and ended with great success.
This could not been possible without everyone’s cooperation, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


「2014 IJKA Asai Cup Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament」
: Preparation Well Underway

Preparation for the 2014 IJKA Asai Cup Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament and related events in Taipei scheduled on 26th to
28th next month is gaining momentum as the date approaches.

Some of the work include sending invitations to international participants, arranging staff for registration, confirming accommodation and shuttles, planning and organizing sight-seeing tours,
setting up the tournament venue, organizing Taiwan-wide press conference, arranging prizes and mementos,
and making pamphlets.

The members of the Taipei IJKA executive board, global instructors, top officers,
and parents of the students at the dojo are all working hard doing their part. They are also contributing generous donations and are definitely all getting excited preparing for the tournament.

2014 IJKA Asai Cup Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament
Preparation Meeting 2

Date: May 31, 2014 (17:00-21:00
Venue: Kinnohashi

IJKA President Mrs. Keiko Asai
Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hunt-tsung
Head of IJKA Technical Office Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei
Global Instructors Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro, Mr. Wang Ju-yu, Mr. Chou, Chih-Wen
Honbu Dojo Admin Office Head of Global Section Chief Mr. Lin Mau-tsu
Honbu Dojo Secretariat Mr. Lin Chyuan-jeng, Mr. Ji,-Bang -Yen
Official Members of Tetsuhiko Kan:Ms. Chen, Lai Chi-Tung, Mr.Lai Yi-Hung, Mr.Chen Chien-Chai, Mr.Hsu Chum-Hsiung, Mr. Lin Cheng-Chang, Mr.Weng Chiu-Hsien, Mr.Weng Chiu-Hsien、Mr.Su Fang-Jang,
Mr. Chien Chih-Ying , Mr. Lyan Hong-Tau.

2014年5月31日 IJKA浅井カップ會議 2014年5月31日 IJKA浅井カップ會議
■Event Schedule:
Date Time Activity
Sept. 26th 2014 (Fri) Afternoon
Report from each team; Judge meeting
Welcome party for international participants
Sept. 27th 2014 (Sat) All day 2014 IJKA Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament
Sept. 28th 2014 (Sun) Morning
2014 IJKA Judge/Instructor seminar
IJKA Test for high dan; Instructor/Judge/Examiner certification
Teacher’s Day Party

■Preparation work place: Zhong Zheng Hall Gymnasium

・Other details including preparation timeline, tournament name, embu demonstrations, and souvenirs,
were discussed at the meeting held on May 4th, as described in
“Topics 2014 IJKA Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Preparation Meeting.

・Thank you party’s formal name has been decided as “Teacher’s Day Party.”

・The sightseeing tour for the tournament participants was decided to be hosted by the President.

・The President reported on the following points:
With regards to individual members who belong to other organizations - the individual membership
and karate passport are intended to be used for participating in the IJKA activities,
such as attending technical seminars and trying out and obtaining instructor/dan examiner/tournament judge certificates.
Without actually being involved in these activities, there is no point in having them.
The participants at the meeting agreed that IJKA officials should meet in person any applicants to understand each other and establish a good line of communication before accepting any new members.
As such it was also decided that the IJKA would welcome anyone
who is interested in applying for a membership to come to join the 2014 IJKA Asai Cup Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament.

IJKA ASAI CUP Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Preparation Meeting

Date and Time: May 4th, 2014 (08:20-9:30)
Place: IJKA International martial arts Karatedokai Honbu Dojo

IJKA Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung
InstructorToshiyuki Kidokoro, Wang Ju-yu, Chou, Chih-Wen.
IJKA Head of Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei
IJKA Head of Global Section Lin Mau-tsun
Preparation and Logistics teamLin Chyuan-jeng, Ji, Bang-Yen

At the meeting, we decided on the following:

■Event schedule
Date Time Activity
Sept. 26th 2014 (Fri)) Afternoon
Report from each team; Judge meeting
Welcome party for international participants
Sept. 27th 2014 (Sat) ) All day 2014 IJKA Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament
Sept. 28th 2014 (Sun) Morning
2014 IJKA Judge/Instructor seminar
IJKA Test for high dan; Instructor/Judge/Examiner certification
Thank you party

■Preparation work place: Zhong Zheng Hall Gymnasium

■Preparation timeline
Schedule Member Activity Leader
2014.02 Member
Prep. team
Global section, admin
Prepare documents Wang, Ju-yu,
Chen Hsin-kuei
2014.03 Prep. team
Prepare documents Chen Hsin-kuei,
Chou Chih-Wen
2014.04 Prep. team
Prepare documents Chen Hsin-kuei,
Chou Chih-Wen
2014.05 All teams Work as needed Chen Hsin-kuei
2014.06 All teams Work as needed Chen Hsin-kuei,
Chou Chih-Wen,
Lin Chyuan-jeng
2014.07 All teams Prepare souvenirs (ties, polo shirts, posters etc.,) 賴孔揚
2014.08 All teams Arrange printing of tournament programs and other
documents such as certificates and Passports.
Arrange trophies and other prizes
Lin Chyuan-jeng,
Chou Chih-Wen
2014.09 All teams Confirm all logistics and complete preparation
Write media articles and hold press conference
Arrange lunch for tournament and seminar participants
Wang Ju-yu,
Chou Chih-Wen,

■Other items discussed at the meeting

(1) Official name for the tournament
【2014 IJKA ASAI CUP Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament】

(2) demonstration:
・White Crane Fist ・Qi-gong ・Joko kata ・Dantai kata

(3) Souvenirs:
・T-shirt ・Tiepin ・Logo for doi etc.,

(4)Welcome party and thanks party

(5) Sight-seeing tour for participants

Thank You So Much to All Those Who Applied For IJKA Membership

We are grateful to receive so many applications to join IJKA.
However, we will be granting membership only after we conduct an interview with each applicant, in order to prevent the reoccurrence of the corrupt incidents that we saw in Germany and the US. This, we are taking a prudent approach to making our family bigger.

For those who are interested in having an interview, please consider coming to Taipei, Taiwan for the Second International Friendship Karate Tournament in September, where you would have a chance to meet with the IJKA Chief Instructor, IJKA instructors, Director of IJKA, and other board members.

For those who are interested but not able to come to Taipei, we recommend meeting with Bruno Koller (IJKA Europe Region Head), Otto Riedinger (IJKA Germany Chief Instructor), or Giuseppe Formenton (IJKA Italy Chief Instructor) for the interview.

IJKA Global Meeting Held November 17th 2013

The late master Asai aspired to “Everyone’s Karate,” and we at IJKA are taking on his vision and operate on decisions made by many members instead of having a dictatorship or a handful of decision-makers.  
2013年11月17日 IJKA總本部道場哲彦館 會議

■Administrative meeting was held in November

The Second International Karatedo Friendship Tournament to be held in Taipei

Upon receiving agreements from core country members, the IJKA has decided to hold the event at Chunghwa Telegram Co.,Ltd.
Zhong Zheng Hall Gymnasium in Taipei.
For the details of the event, please see the announcement from Taiwan Honbu Dojo.

Moved By Mr. Formenton’s Considerable Spirit

Mr. Formenton said that “[the karateka of late is not very reliable and think only about power, money and Dan.
This is why [I am] outside off these environments, because those things do not interest me.”]
When I read this email, my eyes were filled with hot tears.
This is the core of Karate Spirit and therefore Bushido.
I give Mr. Formenton a round of applause for regally fighting for the right karate in dignity,
even if it leaves him alone.
This is the essence of our Master Asai's IJKA Karate.
I sincerely wish that this gives a good opportunity for those who value justice to follow Mr. Formenton’s lead, and set right these karateka who only chase after power, money, and Dan, over loyalty, compassion, and justice. I believe that this day will come. I know there are many good karateka in the world like
Mr. Formenton.

Announcement From Taiwan Honbu Dojo

German member’s membership terminated

We are sorry to announce that we had no choice but to terminate the membership of a certain member in Germany.

To Mr. Bernhard Keller

We regret to inform you that your membership has been terminated effective immediately.

The reasons for the termination are for the following IJKA rule violations:

You used Master Asai’s picture and IJKA logo without permission.

You organized and held a tournament without contacting the headquarters without any official IJKA instructors present, while still using the IJKA name at the event.

You organized and held dan examinations without contacting the headquarters and without any certified IJKA dan examiners present.

You impersonated the role of an IJKA dan examiner without a certificate.

You do not reply to any contact from headquarters.

Because of this termination you must remove the IJKA name,logos and the Tetsubukai name from any and all of your materials effective immediately. Failure to do so will result in legal action.

In addition to you breaching the IJKA rules listed above, you carried out a disrespectful act against karatedo spirits when you attempted to register the IJKA logo under your name. Trying to make the logo yours, one that Master Asai worked on for months and hand drew many times, allowed me see that you are not fit to follow the path of karatedo, and therefore I have terminated your membership.

Master Asai’s Original Logos Sketches Found

The current IJKA’s official logo was designed by Master Asai, and made after much practice and many months.
Dozens of sketches are still kept with care, and since there are too many to share, I would like to introduce three of his logos with you here.
Master Asai’s courtesy name, or AZANA, was 悠翔 (“Yu-sho”), meaning to fly (“sho”) gracefully (“yu”.) Eagles look down on the Earth from the sky with sharp eyes,
and they are said to be keeping watch on evil. People respect the bird for its graceful flight and dignity, despite the bird’s loneliness.
For that reason, Master Asai placed a picture of an eagle with the IJKA name, with the spirit that he too would watch over IJKA and protect it.
I also helped, as his wife, for deciding the final design, including the color placements. We made dozens and dozens of designs and spent many days finalizing the logo.

Goju-ryu: Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei’s DVD Is Now Available

Goshi Yamaguchi sensei, who is the son of the late Gogen Yamaguchi, the founder of the International Karate-do Goju Kai Association, sent us Gogen sensei’s legendary karatedo DVD.

The late Master Asai was close with Gogen sensei, and even after Gogen sensei’s passing, Master Asai kept a good rapport with his son, Goshi sensei. More than once Goshi sensei sent congratulatory gifts to the karate tournaments Master Asai hosted.

On numerous occasions I accompanied Master Asai to visit Gogen sensei, and saw the two talking and laughing so happily. He was also very nice to me. So I think it is not surprising that when I watched the video my heart was filled with emotion. I wish to share with everyone this great DVD and the legacy Gogen sensei left for us. Unfortunately, because of copyright issues I am not able to post the video, but the DVD is now available, and anyone who wishes to watch it can order a copy from below.

For DVD orders or inquiries for All Japan Karate-do Goju-Kai Association, please contact:

All Japan Karate-do Goju-Kai Association

剛柔流 山口剛史先生からDVDが送られて来ました。

Dan Grading Heats Up at IJKA Taipei Honbu Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan.

On June 30th, the annual kyu and dan examinations were held at IJKA Taipei Honbu Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan.
Kids trained hard without break for this event over the past year. They were filled with anticipation and showed powerful karate.
The Dojo was bursting with excitement, and they touched the heart of the observers’.

See moving picture of the event at IJKA Taipei Honbu Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan

The examination went on until late in the evening.

About unifying the logo&Technical Office

1. About unifying the logo:
We will unify the IJKA logo globally to the one that does not include the word "Asai-ryu."
The reason for eliminating the word "Asai-ryu" from the organization's name is because Master Asai himself did not want to insist on one particular style.
Considering this, we will not restrict our group only to "Asai-ryu." You may however still call it ASAI KARATE.

2. About the name Technical Office (instead of 'Instructor Committee')
We do not call the Office a Committee because within Technical Office, there are
Instructor Committee, Kyu and Dan Review Committee, and Tournament Judge Committee.

IJKA Global Meeting Held in Europe

Date and Time:May 9th, 2013 11:30
Place:IJKA Europe Honbu Dojo
Head of Technical OfficMr.Chen Hsin-kuei
Europe Honbu Chief Instructor BRUNO sensei
GermanyOTTO sensei
TurkeyMr. Mehmet ,
Head of Global SectionMr. Lin maw tsun
Europe Honbu SecretaryMs. Selina Koller,(Mrs.Gido)

Summary of the meeting:

  1. The Europe Honbu Secretary, Ms. Selina, spoke of the following:
    • The reason for the change in the seminar venue
    • It should be clearly stated to the members what qualifications and skills the instructor,
      the judge, the referee, and the dan test examiner must possess.
      For Ms. Selina’s comment on b., the following were discussed:
      * Follow the already laid out policies for the instructor qualification.
      * The tournament judge qualification is to be decided upon the Head of Technical Office and the Chief Instructor’s approvals.
      * The judges will be categorized into three ranks: Global, Regional, and National.
      Assign assistant judges in order to train members for becoming tournament judges, and prepare to meet the demands for judges at next year’s international tournament in Italy.
      * Make English names for judges and assistant judges consistent.
      * Establish a policy that candidates for tournament judges must have experience in Kumite.
  2. Comment from Mr. Mehmet of Turkey
    • Mr. Chen (Hsin-kuei)’s talk on the original concept of IJKA karate and instruction on the techniques, as well as his demonstration fights were very good and easy for everyone to understand. They helped the seminar participants understand what everyone was saying about the differences in technique, sophistication, and intensity in IJKA Asai Karate and other karate styles.
    • Comment from Otto sensei from Germany on criteria for members having a role in IJKA organizational activities There are many regional groups in Europe, and since IJKA is still a young organization, and since having seminar is a good way to promote the group, we should not set up a criteria for that. For qualifying members for dan examiners, instructors and tournament judges, we must be careful in their selection.
  3. Mr. Lin maw tsun, the global section head from the Honbu dojo, relayed the president’s messages as below:
    • Regarding the international friendship karate tournament in Italy ? We are not able to move the matter forward at this point since the person in charge of the event, Mr. Formenton, unfortunately could not attend the meeting, but he said in his email that he is intending to meet with Mr.Chen in September at the Italy seminar to discuss the details with him then.
    • Every member should follow the updates on IJKA website to know the organization’ s activities. Also, when you receive an email from the Japan Headquarters, please reply as swiftly as possible, so that the Secretariat does not have to send another email to make sure the first one is received. A short message such as “Thanks for the email. We will reply soon” will suffice. * Everyone agreed.
      • About qualification credentials and membership fee payment for applicants wishing to join IJKA.
      • Membership applicants must submit documentation on his/her karate background such as certificates, in order to carry out the administration process more smoothly.
        In order to reduce the bank-processing fee on both sides, the membership payment must be done through Pay-Pal in Japanese yen.
    • Master Asai’s book, “Practical Karatedo,” is being emended by Mr. Chen and the Chief Instructor. (Then briefly discussed the pictures in the book.)
    • The appointment letters for each of the organization’s positions are being made in both Japanese and English, with Mr. Lin Quanzheng’s support.
    • Make the IJKA logo consistent across countries.
      * Ms. Selina asked if they could add the sky to the background, but Mr. Lin did not accept the change.

Special Karate Seminar Germany and Master Asai Memorial Karate Camp Switzerland -Pictures Have Arrived

We have received pictures from Special Karate Seminar Germany that took place in Nuremberg on May 4th and in Munich on May 5th as well as from Master Asai Memorial Camp that place in Europe Honbu Dojo in Switzerland on May 9th.

Photos from Special Karate Seminar in Nuremberg, Germany. May 4th.

Photos from Special Karate Seminar in Munich, Germany. May 5th.

Photos from Master Asai Memorial Karate Camp in Switzerland. May 9tha>

Master Asai Memorial Camp 2013, 09th -12th of May 2013, Lucerne-Switzerland

We had a very good and powerful Master Asai Memorial Camp 2013 in the European Honbu Dojo in Lucerne-Switzerland with good spirit and good friendship. About 30 Karateka trained in this camp from early morning 06.00 o'clock until evening 18.00 o'clock. Six students passed with sucess their Shodan examination.
Thank you again, Keibou Sensei for your excellent teaching, and many thanks to all students visiting the Camp!

Ossu, Bruno Koller

「Einmaliges Seminar mit」 Germany: We have received a report from the Global Section Taipei Honbu Dojo,
Mr. Lin maw tsun.

We received a report from the 「Einmaliges Seminar mit」taking place in
Germany. Below is a text from the email sent from Mr. Lin maw tsun, the Global
Section Chief of IJKA Main Dojo in Taipei.

About 40 people gathered on the first day of Technical Seminar Germany. The first
class was made up of a few beginners, and the second and the third were mostly filled
with instructors and black-belt holders of Shoto, Shito or Goju-ryu karate who
gathered from different regions in Germany.

Two karatekas from Switzerland and Austria also participated in the seminar. They
came to see the “extraordinary Asai Karate” commended by the people like the
German instructor Mr. Otto who has been to Main Dojo in Taipei.

The class started with an introduction by the Head of Technical Office, Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei,
who described how Master Asai and the Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung exchanged karate techniques
and spread karate throughout Taiwan.

Michael then led a warm-up exercise, followed by a demonstration of one of Master Asai’s favorites,
the spreading-wing movement (“Tenshi”) of the White Crane Fist, that he learned from the Chief Instructor
and the Head of the Technical Office. The demonstration triggered great excitement from the participants.
The class moved on to basic movements and kata training such as Junro and Joko. Then Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei together
with Mr. Otto showed a demonstration of easy, yet powerful, specific defensive and offensive movements,
like punching, pushing and throwing that are all derived from “Koma” technique of the White Crane Fist.
The participants seemed to be both shocked and very intrigued by these techniques.

During the class Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei noticed that many of the participants’
movements were stiff, their shoulders were tensed, and that the arms hung abruptly
downward or to the side, instead of snapping hands or fingers by dropping the elbows
and using the force that originates in the shoulders. So he took ample time for them to
practice the elbow techniques (“Hijitsukai”), Tenshi and Koma movements from Yojoko,
and the participants slowly came to master the gist of it. Some students were surprised that
they could block attacks or throw out the opponent with such ease.

After the training, the participants solemnly paid their respect to the instructors.
When that was over, the place became bustling with lively discussions about katas and
people taking photos or asking the masters for their autographs.
In the evening at the banquet, Mr. Bruno Koller, the Region Head of Europe,
kept repeating that he finally showed them the karate he always talked about and the students
were dubious about. The dinner was buzzing with talks about Master Asai and the White Crane Fist.
Many of them revered Maser Asai and Mr. Chen Hunt-tsung, whom they had never met, as the martial arts gods.

Mr. Otto and Mr. Gehard have wide networks and many karateka friends, and are passionately spreading karatedo in their regions.

Mr. Michael treasures the training he received in the Main Dojo in Taipei,
and is resolved to continue accurately practicing what he learned. He is also a gentle and kind instructor to his students.

This seminar’s success does not attribute to just the real karate skills involved;
Mr. Otto’s translation work and the fact that he has been teaching his students with great care played a big role.

Please report to Mr. Chen Hunt-tsung of the details I described. I also strongly
hope that our disciples and students of karate know that our training environment is supreme and that we are extremely lucky.

                Lin maw tsun from Germany.

On May 6th, the second day of the technical seminar in Germany, Mr. Lin sent us a report on the event.

Like the first day, there were classes from beginners to advanced. The students’
manners were far better than the first day, due to the strict training and the talks at
the banquet. Their movements were also better and smoother.

The advance classed reviewed the movement from the first day, and practiced the
mental power “Chi” that Chief Instructor Mr. Chen always taught. After repeating
the exercise, many of them seemed to be able to grasp how to maintain the posture
and extract the “Chi” from inner muscle, instead of simply using brute force.

The Head of Technical Office, Mr. Chen, also showed them how to counterattack by
moving a leg into the inside or outside of the opponent’s leg, which is something
Master Asai always taught. This is effective in breaking the form of the opponent or
even bringing down the opponent with one attack. The students were surprised and
delighted to know that the hand rotating routine they did in warm-ups could turn into a powerful move.
Especially those who were training in combat style were excited.

After the training, all the students went to Head of Technical Office Mr. Chen and asked for his autograph, thanking him vigorously for his lessons.

Mr. Otto spoke with Michelle and wished earnestly that the students learned manners
from the Head of Technical Office Mr. Chen and the Chief Instructor, as well as the
late Master Asai. He told Michelle that even if these teachers have gentle mannerisms
despite their position as highly skilled karateka, and are not as austere as Japanese
instructors, the students must not treat them as if they are friends. He stressed that
they must show respect for the great masters.

Summary of Administrative meeting at Main Dojo in Taipei, Taiwan 2013.04.13

Agreed items:

  1. regarding The 2nd IJKA International Friendship Karatedo Tournament ,
    The Main Dojo and the Japan headquarters will bear some of the tournament cost. Italy Country Head has been notified via email. Currently we are waiting for their progress report on the tournament preparation.
  2. Meeting minutes are posted on IJKA website, so the member countries should follow the updates this way.
  3. When members receive a certificate or any other type of documentation from the headquarters, they must notify the headquarters by signing the receipt and sending it back to headquarters.
  4. About verification of the qualifications and the background of those applying to become an IJKA member we will request them to send official certificates and other documents for Technical Office to evaluate. The membership will be issued once the office approves the application.
  5. Dan registration fees and other fee payments made to the headquarters must be in Japanese Yen.
  6. IJKA now has opened a Paypal account. Each member country should also open an account for the ease of payments.
Summary of Administrative meeting at Main Dojo in Taipei, Taiwan

Special Seminar with Chen Hsin-Kuei

Special Seminar with Chen Hsin-Kuei

4th/5th of May 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany
Chen Hsin-Kuei is a 7-DAN of IJKA Shotokan Karate
- trained in Japan
- former taiwanese Champion
- White Crane Kung Fu Master
- Nephew of Asai Tetsuhiko, 10-DAN Karate
Seminar teaching is conducted in English
Pupose is the introduction and perfection of principles and katas of Grandmaster Tetsuhiko Asai
Location is Georg-Ledebour-School, Georg-Ledebour-Straß e, 90473
Price is 25・ per person
For participation, please contact or

Annual Master Asai Memorial Karate-camp 2013 Switzerland

09th-12th May 2013

Master Asai Memorial Karate-camp 2013 Master Asai Memorial Karate-camp 2013

IJKA global honbu dojo international meeting


IJKA Karate Passport will be issued from the general headquarters

IJKA Karate Passport will be issued from the general headquarters along with the individual membership card.
In doing so, we will increase the individual membership fee from ¥2,000 to ¥ 2,500 (what was originally ¥3,000).

The 2nd IJKA Karate Technical Seminar Italy

The 2nd IJKA Karate Camp Italy was held in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) from September 14th to 16th, hosted by Mr. Formenton Giuseppe.
It was a smaller group this time, limited only to those with black or brown belt, at Mr. Formenton's request.
Pictures from the camp

August 22nd and 26th Administrational Meeting

In order to practice the late Master Asai's tenet that condemns the privatization of karate organizations and
calls for an organization that can serve the interests of the members, the General Secretariat (Tokyo) and
Technical Office (Taiwan) holds administrational joint meetings to discuss public matters. Here is the report from the latest meeting.

First Meeting: August 22nd, 2012 PM08:00 -
Second Meeting: August 26th, 2012 AM10:00 -
Location: IJKA Taiwan Main Dojo (Tetsuhiko Kan)
Attendees: Mrs. Keiko Asai (IJKA President), Mr. Chen Hunt-tsung (Chief Instructor), Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei (Head of Technical Office), Mr, Lin Mau-tsu (Admin Office Global Section Chief), Wang Ju-yu (Head of Admin Assistant), Chou Chih-wen, Lin Chi-tang
Note-taker: Lin Chi-tang

Agreed Items:

  1. Although the IJKA policy no.10 states that: "Members of the Association may contact Japan
    Headquarters directly without going through country heads," those individuals who are seeking
    IJKA certification are now required to include the regional headquarters when sending the email
    application. (Add their email address in CC). Upon receiving the application,
    the general headquarters in Japan asks the regional headquarters to provide information about the applicant.
    Regional/country heads must acknowledge that their obligation is to assist karate activities of the
    branch dojos in their home countries and in neighboring countries, and their role is that of a facilitator, and does not symbolize authority.

  2. The Technical Office will lay out more detailed policies in addition to the policies on dan evaluation and admission process that are already posted on the IJKA website.

  3. Make sure the Chinese language used on IJKA certificates and organizational names translated from English are consistent.
    Head of Technical Office is to obtain an approval from the President for new documents and translations.
  4. IJKA will issue a Karate Passport to follow the wish of the late Master Asai.

  5. Members from Taiwan will join the International Karatedo Friendship Tournament in Italy scheduled in 2013.

Administrational Meeting

August 5th We held a memorial service for the 7th anniversary of the late Master Asai’s passing

On August 5th, a solemn memorial service was held at Tokyo Cemetery in Takao City, Tokyo, to mark the 7th anniversary of Master Asai’s passing. About 50 people, including the Asai family and those from the karate world, attended the ceremony.

August 3rd Late Master Asai Memorial Concert “Flower Banquet”

Late Master Asai Memorial Concert “Flower Banquet” In commemoration of the late master Asai’s 7th anniversary of his passing, we held a flower qigong concert, “Flower Banquet,” at Kanack Hall in Higashi Kanagawa station in Yokohama City.

The event was hosted by International Qigong Kenbiso and Kenbi Production, both headed by Mrs. Asai. It was co-hosted by Gekkan Music Star and NPO group Japan Children’s Song, Dance and Theatre. The morning and evening programs were both a great success. The compilation of Qigong, the flower qigong, which was performed for the first time in Japan, received positive feedback due to Mrs. Asai’s passionate lecture, despite initial audience confusion about the unfamiliar concept. Needless to say, songs by Japan Classical Songs and the nationally famous Duke Aces had a great response.

Mrs. Keiko Asai singing “Soshu Yakyoku” with Duke Aces in memory of her late husband

Mrs. Keiko Asai teaching qigong breathing method, concentrating qi in “dantian” wishing for people’s good health.

A scene from the musical “Bamboo Princess” performed by Sayaka Fukai, the junior leader for Japan Children’s Song Dance and Theater

A note on “Dantian” in the program
There are 7 dantians in the human body, and the one that is found under the stomach, the “lower dantian,” is said to be “tanpo” (the treasure part of dantian). The location also corresponds to male and female reproductive organs and it is sometimes called “qikai (sea of qi)” as it collects life energy, or “seiden (field of sexual energy)” as it concentrates sexual energy.
Focusing on the area during exercise helps concentration, relieves stress and helps prevent dementia, as it relaxes the cerebrum. It is also said that it can help stabilize breathing, enhance kidney functions and therefore help prevent incontinence, and help with re-energization.

Master Asai Annual Memorial Karate Camp 2012 Closed as a Huge Success

Master Asai Memorial Karate Camp has become an annual event and it took place again this year in Switzerland from May 17th to 20th with a large turnout of about 100 participants
See Photo

Meeting for International KARATE Tournament in Italy 2013

Mr Bruno plan to hold a meeting after Master Asai Memorial Karate-camp 2012 for international KARATE Tournament in Italy 2013.

Master Asai Memorial Karate-camp 2012 will held in Switzerland

IJKA had a meeting

1,Under the late Master Asai's spirit of everyone's KARATE,
that IJKA decide on important matters together in a meeting,
2,IJKA had a meeting in TAIPEI.2012.2.19
3,International Japan Martial Arts Karatedokai Meeting Minutes
Date: February 19th, 2012
Time: 12:30pm
Location: Taipei
Attendees: Keiko Asai, Chen Hunt-tsung, Chen Hsin-kuei, Lin Maw Tsun, Toshiyuki Kidokoro, Wang Ju-Yu, Chou Chih-Wen, Chang Mei-Cuan
Recorder: Chang Mei-Cuan


1) IJKA activities for 2012
For the International Karatedo Friendship Tournament that will be held in Italy in 2013, IJKA will have an invitational tournament towards the end of the year for the Taiwan team. The preparatory committee for the tournaments will be formed in March to further discuss the details.

2) Communication between the head office and member countries
IJKA members with a titled role and is announced as such on the IJKA website will be presented with a formal appointment letter from the general headquarters, both in Japanese and English.
IJKA member countries that wish to invite an instructor from the technical office must submit a request form to the general headquarters. (The request form is posted on IJKA website.) Once the request is approved, an instructor of any origin and an instructor of European origin will be sent to the requesting country. Including members in Asia.
When a member dojo/country hosts a training workshop, and other events, the member is to promptly report to the general headquarters before and after with some details and digital images. The report and the pictures are to be posted on IJKA website.
Member countries are to communicate frequently and strive to support each other.

3) Fees
In view of the current world recession, and that IJKA is a non profit organization that wishes to make it easier for those who love karate to join us, we have adjusted the brunch anuary membership fee from \15,000 yen to 10,000 yen. The change is announced on the website.

4) Clarification on organization
“Gijyutsu kyokucho” is to be called the “Head of Technical Office.”
The post for the “Head of International Affairs” will be formed within the IJKA Administrational Office.
When a new topic article is posted on the IJKA website, members of Taiwan Main Dojo, the Tetsuhiko Kan, is to translate the English version of the article into Chinese.

Big Success at European Main Dojo Opening Ceremony

On the picture, from left to right: Lukas Gerber 1-Dan Michel Ritter 1-Dan Leos Urbanek 3-Dan Nadir Affinito 3-Dan
Giosuel Koller 3-Dan Bruno Koller 8-Dan

The European Main Dojo celebrated its grand opening early this year on January 21st. Mr. Koller reported the exciting event: It was a memorable day for us and all the people who participated in the event - I am so happy to report that we had such a wonderful event.

A Dojo-kun hand-written by late Master Asai was presented to the dojo by the president of IJKA, to celebrate the opening of its European main dojo.

Dan certification for Mr. Koller, who passed the 8-dan examination in Taiwan on August 7th, 2011.

Technical Seminar in Italy Ends with a Success

The technical seminar held in Lignano Sabiadoro, Italy from November 24th to 27th last year drew over three hundred people, where people trained passionately under Mr. Chen Tsin-koei, the head of Technical Office of IJKA, who attended the event from the Taiwan Main Dojo.

See Pictures

Karate Workshop in IJKA Italy

International Japan Martial Arts Karatedokai (IJKA) Italy Dojo hosts a karate camp from November 24th to 27th at LIGNANO SABIADORO in Italy.
The branch manager Mr. FORMENTON GIUSEPPE won the championship at the IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament that took place in Taipei August 6th of this year. On August 7th, he was nominated at the IJKA international administration meeting for the IJKA technical office global instructor by the group's president, Keiko Asai, and received unanimous approval. The head of the technical office, Chen Hsin-kuei, will be sent to the dojo from the main technical office to train the new global instructor.

Black belts training hard at the IJKA headquarters

At IJKA Taipei general headquarters black belt students train hard for two hours every Sunday from 6:30am under the guidance of Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung. Chen Sensei devotes his energy into coaching his students despite the illness he suffered this past May. There are many students that come from abroad seeking to train under the Sensei.<

後列の一番奥がフランスからのMr.Dominique Aymer

右手奥、指導中の技術局長 陳興桂

マスター浅井の技を熱心に練習する黒帯 有段者達

三時間半にも及ぶ猛練習 疲れも見せず気迫に溢れる

Response to the Publication of “Kata Kyohon”

The statement by the legal successor of Master Asai as to the "Kata Kyuhon"

we are very pleased to learn that the students and disciples of late Master Asai are popularizing the "New Karate", which is created & developed by Master Asai with his whole life in the world.

In the meantime, we are very disappointed and regretful on this event of the publication "Kata Kyuhon" was made. The ones who made the publication, appropriated the portrait of Master Asai & his "New Karate" for commercial purples, are all with the knowledge that I am the matron of Master Asai, the legal successor,
None of them send any notice and tried to obtain the consent from me prior to the publication. This has constituted the disrespect to Master Asai.

As known on the world, Karate is not just concerned about the physical techniques,the promotion of the inside sprit is rather more important. Above all, etiquette and respect are the most important lessons of karate, and the fifth DOJOKUN of KARATE is saying "respect others".
That is common knowledge in the karate world.

We do love to see more and more people learning Mastar Asai's karate and feel honoured that people are interested, but we would also like to see anyone who wishes to publish Master Asai's karate and portrait, please send a formal notice and request to me Keiko Asai. Your sincerity would be returned by a gift of Mastar Asai's memento and certificate of acknowledgement, as a token of good faith and gratitude. A public announcement and words of encouragement will also be posted on I.J.K.A's website.

legal successor
Keiko Asai

Feedback on the 2011 IJKA Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament

President Keiko Asai
Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung
Government of Taiwan

Dan Promotion Results

Dan evaluation results

2 dan
Shei, cha how,Lai, Yi-Hung ,Chien, Chih-Ying,Ye, chin cow,Cheng wen-Hsin, (Taiwan)Passed
3 dan
Chang, Mei-Chuan (Taiwan)Passed
Leos Urbanek,Nadir Affinito(Switzerland)Passed
4 dan
Giosuel Koller( Switzerland)
8 dan
Bruno Koller(Switzerland)Passed

IJKA International Dan Promotion Examination


The judges for the tests were: Head of the Technical Office Chen Hsin-kuei, Mr. Bruno Koller, and Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro.

Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro. Mr. Wang Ruyu, Mr. Zhou Zhiwen and Mr. Otto Riedinger
assisted the event with starting commands and administrational paperwork.

From 4dan, Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung joined the judges despite his illness.
Everyone was moved by his passion for the tournament, heating up the event even more.。


會 議:2011年IJKA國際武術空手道會親善大會檢討會議
日 期:2011年08月10日
地 點:IJKA國際武術空手道會淺井流總本部道哲彦館

IJKA理事長 淺井惠子
IJKA技術局局長 陳興桂
IJKA總本部道場技術局指導員 城所俊行
IJKA總本部道場事務員 陳麗珠
其他籌備委員 汪儒郁、賴怡宏、闕健中、胡哲維、


・ 大会本部に何冊か保留するように。
・ 各貴賓客に一冊配布する。
・ 各チーム1冊は、不十分。それぞれ6名に1冊ぐらいは渡せる。
・ 主要選手の写真を掲載する。(役員等)

・ 各チームは、締切り期日までに登録。
・ 選手参加費用は規定期日までに支払い、当日に支払うことのないように。
・ 大会本部は、所定の領収書を準備し滞ることのないように。



* 招待状は各貴賓・関係者に発送する以外に空手会員達に協力してもらい、親戚、友人達に配って貰う。
* 外国から来た各選手達にはパンフレットはプレゼントしたい。
* 大会パンフレットに各国選手の写真は載せてあげたい。
*各チームの参加登録は必ず期日までに済ませること それが遅れると、
主催国はとても大変で諸事がはからどらない。(パンフレットの印刷、ホテル予約、飛行場への送迎手配、其の他 諸々)。




1 IJKA総本部理事長浅井惠子 日本
2 主席師範陳宏宗 台湾
3 主席師範助教CHEN,HSIN-KUEI(陳興桂) 台湾
4 日本総本部事務局里村明子 日本
6 技術局指導員城所俊行 日本
7 台湾総本部道場国際部長林茂椿 台湾
8 IJKA TAIWAN秘書長汪儒郁 台湾
9 IJKA TAIWAN副秘書長周智文 台湾
10 IJKA TAIWAN監事張美娟 台湾
14 李淵深 中国上海

(欠席会員国 USA,ロシア,インド)

理事長 浅井惠子の推薦により
台湾 汪儒郁、周智文(國際五段)の4名をIJKA技術局指導員とし
陳興桂を技術局局長(Head of technical office)

主席師範 陳宏宗

城所俊行 日本 6段
汪儒郁 臺灣 5段
周智文 臺灣 5段
RIEDINGER OTTO, Germany4段 となる



 1 各会員国は指導員の派遣が必要な場合、総本部に申請する。
 2 パキスタンMahamood-UI-Hassan Rana 氏には、パキスタンIJKAとして空手の発展を進めてもらう。


Karaoke time! Participants from Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Taiwan enjoying themselves with the highlight being
Mr.Giosuel Koller's Japanese enka (traditional ballad) song 」

Staff from the Japanese administrational office also joins in on the world famous song "Sukiyaki."

And the party continued into the night…evading the painful goodbyes.


2011 IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Taipei Ends with a Success

Demonstration from  鄭朝俊先生、陳東照先生、居合道 呉健文先生、for Iaigiri-do 王武雄先生、or Aiki-do brought an additional excitement to the tournament, and the event closed with a huge success.


Advisory: NPO International Japan Martial Arts Karatedokai (IJKA)
The Sports Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Interior Co-hosts
Chinese Taipei Karate Federation (CTKF)
Chunghwa Telecom(CHT)
Kaohsiung Karate Association (KKA)
Taipei Karate Association (TPKA)
愛爾達電視公司(ELTA TV)
靖天電視公司(GOLDEN TV)

See Pictures

2011 IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Taipei Results

On August 6th, heated battles unfolded at the 2011 IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament,
with many participants from all over the world including: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, France, and Pakistan. Results:

Family Kata1賴怡宏
Female 10-12 years old Kata1王怡蘋
9 years and under (male & female) Kata1陳緯宸
Female adult Kata1梁蕙宇
Male adult Kata1楊岦
Male adult Kumite1黄冠智
2Leos Urbanek
Michel Ritter
Female 13-18 years old Kata1屠德妤
Male 13-18 years old Kata1劉炫良
Female 13-15 years old Kumite1李怡萱
Male 13-15 years old Kumite1呉哲緯

August 7th:Technical demonstration
Dan examination
The IJKA administration meeting
Closing party
(Two members go back to Italy, one to Japan)
August 8th:Bus tour in Taipei 7:30am
Dinner party 18:00pm ~
August 9th:Members go back to Italy, Pakistan, Germany, Shanghai, and Shenzhen
August 10th:Members go back to Switzerland and France
August 11thIJKA president goes back to Japan

Welcome Party at San Want Hotel

San Want Hotel
No.172, Sec. 4, Zhong Xiao East Road, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: 886-2-2772-2121   Mail:

IJKA President Keiko Asai speech

Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung speech

Welcome party hosted by Mr. Tsai Eng-Meng, the Chairman and CEO of Want Want China Holdings.


On August 5th, a welcome party was held at San Want Hotel after the tournament judge meeting. Chairman and CEO of the Want Want group, Mr. Tsai Eng-Meng, also the honorary
chairman of the 2011 International Karatedo Friendship Tournament, kindly hosted the party. Including Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung, karate-ka from many different
countries joined and had a chance to meet other members. The evening soon became a great success with everyone having a great time.

IJKA Japan General Headquarters Admin Staff Admires San Want Hotel

Japan general headquarters admin staff at the hotel lobby

They stayed at San Want Hotel from August 5th for 5 days.
During that time, they were constantly impressed by the service the hotel provided that we don't normally see in Japan.
Everyone was excited and could not stop complimenting: "Their breakfast is just perfect!" "Love the daily delivery of fresh fruits!" "The apples taste sweeter.
" "Look at the art collections in the hotel!" "Look at the gorgeous chandelier!!" "I am addicted to the complimentary coffee and Want Want snacks given out at the lobby!"…etc.
Their praise continued in Japan telling each other they must go back. Mrs. Kinase told her friends about the hotel, and apparently they are actually planning on another trip!

Tournament Judge Meeting

A meeting was held with members that were the future judges at the International Karatedo Friendship Tournament. Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung,
Assistant Chief Instructor Chen Hsin-kuei, and members of the IJKA Technical offices from Taiwan and other countries engaged in a thorough meeting,
to ensure the tournament would take place smoothly and fairly. A welcome party followed the meeting at San Want Hotel, hosted by the tournament sponsor,
Want Want. Everyone had a great time at the big and elaborate party.

News coverage on International Karatedo Friendship Tournament

A press conference was held on August 3rd at 14:30pm prior to the commencement of the tournament on August 6th

Read articles (sorry, Chinese only)



Join or form a friendly association with International Japan Martial Arts Karatedokai(IJKA)

We, IJKA, welcome former students of late Master Asai from around the world and those who support Asai Karate, to practice karate in a friendly environment as a karate family.
On August 6th, 2011, we are hosting the International Karatedo Friendly Tournament in Taipei, Taiwan. We are reaching out to you today to invite you to join our organization and/or co-host the tournament upon forming a friendly association with our group.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.
  Keiko Asai
International Japan Martial Arts Karatedokai Asai-Ryu (IJKA)

May 7th, 2010 IJKA-Taiwan Organization Meeting

With the permission from the Taiwanese government, IJKA-Taiwan was formed at an organization meeting in Taipei at 興亜国中 with Mr.林銓正 leading the meeting.

Speech from IJKA President Keiko AsaiAssistant Chief Instructor Chen Hsin-kuei

Participant members Group trustee and inspector election

Election resultsElected trustees and inspectors

Election Results
Chair of trustee board陳主席師範宏宗
Vice chair陳先生興桂、許俊翰
Managing trustee賴啟東、賴怡宏、李月桃
Member of trustee board城所俊行、粘竺儒、丁爾聰、紀邦彥、簡志穎

Managing inspector陳麗珠

Registration for the International Karate Friendship Tournament

For those who are interested in participating in the International Karate Friendship Tournament, please fill in the registration form (Download) and send it to us via email. We will arrange your stay including airport shuttles and hotel accommodations based on the information.

2011.3.27 Summary of Instructor Meeting Held in Taipei, Taiwan

○Agenda 1: Dan Ranks

・President Keiko Asai
In order for people to obtain a higher rank, IJKA has currently advised its members to refer to our website on the exam details as to what each rank entails, and encouraged them to practice according to the criteria. This is all on the website. Any opinions?

・Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung
If the technical performance at the exam is deemed appropriate for the aimed rank by the technical judges, including Chief Instructor, then that is what counts.

・President Keiko Asai
In accordance with Master Asai’s system, people with enough practice years can try out for two ranks at the same time. Any opinions?

Opinions from the instructor committee:
1. It should only be limited to those who have practiced hard during the practice years.
2. It should only be limited to those who continuously practiced during the entire duration of the practice years without break.

Agenda 2: New members

・President Keiko Asai
In order to realize the principle of Master Asai: “Everyone’s Karate” and “Everyone’s IJKA,” IJKA has been accepting various people with long karate background and who have been devoted in mastering karate. As an example, the karate techniques of a particular person from Italy who participated the memorial camp in Switzerland held last year were shown to be excellent, and was also recognized by Assistant Chief Instructor Chen Hsin-kuei and we will endorse him as a new member of the Instructor committee, when he comes to participate in the Friendship Tournament in August.
(All meeting participants agreed)

・President Keiko Asai
There is also another person from Russia, who I will introduce to you all and recommend him as a new instructor.
(Everyone agreed)

Agenda 3: Progress on the preparation for the August Tournament

Report from the preparatory committee
Obtained necessary permissions from the government
The venue will be reserved as soon as the permit arrives
All logistic teams will be fully engaged in the preparation from April.

IJKA PresidentKeiko Asai
IJKA Chief InstructorChen Hunt-tsung
IJKA Assistant Chief InstructorChen Hsin-kuei
IJKA Main Dojo Admin Office Global Section ChiefLin maw tsu
IJKA Main Dojo Technical InstructorToshiyuki Kidokoro
Preparatory Committee Memberswang,ju-yu
zhou zhiwen
lai qidong
lin quanzheng
xie jiahao
hu zhewei
liang hongtao
IJKA Main Dojo Administrative StaffChen li theu
OtherMrs. Kidokoro
Mrs. Chen’s daughter

Asai Memorial Karate-Camp

Asai Memorial Karate-Camp in Switzerland.
Beginning : 02nd of June 2011
End : 05 of June 2011

Please Download

Dan Promotion Examination to Take Place

A dan promotion examination is to take place on August 7th in Taipei, Taiwan, one day after the IJKA International Friendship Tournament.
For those who are interested in taking the exam, please check the dan criteria posted on our website. There is more chance of passing the test if you start practicing now. Also, in accordance with Master Asai's system, if you have enough years of karate experience you are able to take exams for two levels at one go, so we advise you to practice for the next two levels. For example, if you have 2dan and have been practicing for 6-7 years without taking a dan exam, and if you pass 3dan test at the August 7th dan promotion exam you are qualified to take the test for 4dan there as well.

We wish you the best of luck.

Dear friends and students of the late Master Tetsuhiko Asai,

We are planning to hold the INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS FRINDSHIP KARATE TOURNAMENT on August 6th this year, in Taipei, Taiwan. The government of Taiwan is also supporting this event.

Following the late Master Asai's principle that "people who love karate should respect and learn from each other regardless of nationality, style or organization they belong," we welcome people who are from many different organizations and practicing different styles of karate.

If you have practiced karate with Master Asai before, and are now in a different organization or your own organization, we welcome your participation in our tournament and to commemorate the late Master Asai.
We are also looking for organizations that are interested in co-hosting this event. If you are interested in participating and/or co-hosting the event, please fill in the attached form for

"Friendly organizations and individuals," and return it via email.

2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karate Tournament Preparatory Committee

Title:2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karate Tournament Preparatory Committee Meeting
Date and time:December 22nd 20:30pm - 23:00pm

Venue:IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo-kai Taipei Main Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan


IJKA President: Keiko Asai
IJKA Chief Instructor:Chen Hunt-tsung
IJKA Assistant Chief :Instructor Chen Hsin-kuei
IJKA The Main Dojo Admin Office Global Section Chief:Lin maw tsu
IJKA Main Dojo Technical Instructor:Toshiyuki Kidokoro
IJKA Main Dojo Administrative Staff:Chen li theu
Preparatory committee members:
TAIWAN:Wang,Ju-Yu、Chou,Chih-Wen、Chang-Mei-Cuan、Lai,Chi-Tung、Lin,Chyuan-jeng、 謝佳皓、Lai,Yi-Hung

●2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karatedo Tournament Schedule, Venues and Objectives

*This tentative schedule is still subject to change
August 5th, 2011EveningWelcome party for participants
August 6th, 2011All day2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karatedo Tournament
August 7th, 2011Morning/Afternoon2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Technical Seminar/
2011 IJKA Dan certification examination
August 8th, 2011All day Evening Sight-seeing tour for participants
Farewell and closing

Tournament Venue:Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd. Zhong Zheng Hall Gymnasium, No.42, Sec.1, Jen-Ai Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tournament Objective:To strengthen the relationship with the participants and to become united in spreading Asai Karate.

●Preparatory staff and schedule

- The first round of applications will be closed at the end of January, and number of participants determined.
- There will be a second round of applications that will be due the end of February.

- The cost of the tournament,
 Japanese yen
 \3,000- for Participation Fee,
\2,000- for Technical Seminar Fee,

\5,000-~\7,000,for one night for Hotel Fee.

- For the next preparatory committee meeting and any other meeting to be held in the future, the style of a "network meeting" is more desirable (President Mrs. Asai) to allow other country members to participate, to carry on Master Asai's vision of "everyone's karate."
- The preparatory committee will meet every Wednesday from 20:30pm at the Main Dojo, Tetsuhiko Kan. (Tentative)
- Meeting schedule:

Yr.MonDateProgress Target
2010.1212/22、12/29* Complete project plan
* Send out emails to member countries from the General Secretariat in Japan to solicit participation in the tournament
* Continue with the emails and tally up the participants.  * Apply for grants
* Look for venues
* Send out invitations to the tournament judges and the guest of honor
* Send out invitations to the tournament judges and the guest of honor
* Advertising activities
* Advertising activities
* Set up the tournament venues
* Open the tournament

●Other notes on the tournament

*Target participants: Regardless of which organization people are from, welcome anyone who learned karate from Master Asai or support Master Asai's karate.
*Encourage exchange between different types or martial arts such as Kendo, Iaido, Jodo, Shaolin Kung Fu, etc, at the tournament.

●Other notes on the technical seminar
* Filming should be strictly prohibited without permission.
* Issue certifications upon completion of the seminar.

●Other topics
*It was agreed to set up the "Instructor Seminar System" from 2011 to develop instructors in each member country. People with certifications of 2-dan or higher with IJKA can apply to participate in the training.
*Member countries will be asked to send video footage of their dojo practices, to be posted on IJKA website (
*During the preparation period of the 2011 Friendship tournament, IJKA will make the utmost effort to communicate the objectives of IJKA and continue to work in unison with karate enthusiasts to carry on Asai Karate.
*IJKA is a non-profit organization.

2010.11.21 Announcement

Master Asai did not certify any of his students in any country as a Shuseki instructor .

Master Asai was never a Shuseki sihan for any karate organization outside of Japan other than IJKA.

Using Master Asai’s name and forging his seal and certification is strictly prohibited.

Preparatory committee for the IJKA ‘intanational Friendship karatedo Tournament‘ has been established

A preparatory committee for the IJKA ‘intanational Friendship karatedo Tournament‘ that is planned to take place in Taipei, Taiwan on August 6th in 2011 has been established with the following members:
Taiwan Main Dojo

Main Contact: Global head of main dojo / Frank M.Lin(林茂椿)

Japan General Secretariat
浅井 惠子、里村 明子、坪田 祐貴、酒井 孝之 Main Contact/T.sakai(酒井 孝之)

2010.11.16 Announcement

1) We will hold an IJKA General ‘intanational Friendship karatedo Tournament‘ on August 6th, 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan.

2) We will hold another dan promotion examination a date close to the tournament. More details to come on the website, so please stay posted.

3) IJKA General Friendship Tournament and the dan promotion exam will be annual events, and the host country for the year 2012 will be decided after the 2011 tournament.

2010.11.15 Announcement

Aside from the annual tournament and the dan promotion exam, you are also able to host an IJKA seminar or a dan promotion test with nearby dojos by applying to the IJKA Technical Office to have an IJKA instructor come to your country.
The hosting dojos will bare the cost of the event. For more details including costs, please email IJKA Secretariat.

IJKA Hong Kong Branch Newly Re-Established

On November 10th, the IJKA Hong Kong branch was re-established. IJKA had registered itself as a karate organization with the Hong Kong government through the Hong Kong Police Force in 1999, and Master Asai visited the city every year as an instructor. However following his passing, the registration was only renewed once, the following year, and the IJKA Hong Kong branch became more or less unsubstantial. This year Master Asai’s devoted students got together and after a long 4 years re-established the Hong Kong branch of IJKA. The members of Hong Kong branch are as follows:

Branch Chair:梁 達銘 (30 years of karate experience)
Secretary: 劉 美群
Administrative Officer: 洗 素素
Member representative: 黄 偉毅
Witness: President of IJKA Keiko Asai

Picture taken at the restaurant Lin Kee after the branch inauguration (From left to right): Branch Chair 梁 達銘, IJKA President Keiko Asai, the secretary 劉 美群, the member representative 黄 偉毅

We do not transfer Dan certificates from other organizations or federations.

Although we have been receiving many requests for the transfer of dan acquired from other organizations, we do not transfer certificates for the reasons below:

1. The switch over would take away from the initial dan issuer, and it would be disrespectful.
2. There is no appropriate methodology for transferring certificates from both the issuer and the dan holder that IJKA has no previous association with.


Please store with care the dan you were given. If you are interested in receiving IJKA certificates please try out at the dan promotion test scheduled to be held in Taiwan in August 2011. Details on dan evaluation can be found on our website. There is still almost one year left until the test, so practice hard, and we look forward to seeing you there next year.


 1. No certifications have been issued under the joint name of Keiko and Tetsuhiko Asai
 2. There have been no Dan or Kyu certifications issued under the name of Keiko Asai in any country
 3. To issue certifications, such as these mentioned above, without consent, especially to use Master Asai's name
   so nonchalantly without permission,
   and to use the IJKA logo, is an act of blatant disrespect. uch behavior violates the 4th Dojo rule:

The Family of Mr. 賴啓東 Chosen as the Image for the Karate Song "Karate Family"

At the IJKA main dojo Tetsuhiko Kan, there were a number of families that were the perfect example of the karate song "Karate Family." This is something that has been nurtured over 23 years through Asai karate.
Mr. 賴啓東 joined the karate club at school when he was 16, in 1987, and started training under Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei. In 1990, after acquiring Shodan, he took a break from karate. Then again in 2008, at the age of 37 and for the first time in 18 years, he re-joined Tetsuhiko Kan with his eldest son 賴威成 (9 years old), his younger brother 賴怡宏 and his daughter 賴亭諭 (8 years old), and his younger sister's twins 楊士緯 and 楊于嫻 (7 years old), 6 people all together. In 2010, his wife 曹育華 (36 years old), his second son 賴威廷 (5 years old), and his sister 賴癸妬 (37 years old) also joined, bringing the total number of Mr. 賴's family practicing hard at Tetsuhiko Kan to 9.
Master Asai sincerely desired that people study karate as a family. He always said that in the era of the nuclear family, when large families including grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins all get together to work for a common goal and always encourage each other, that this was the most desired situation for not only the family's happiness but also for the children's education. For that reason, Mr. 賴's family was chosen as the "perfect image" for the song "Karate Family." (Photo: Mr. 賴's family - 9 of them posing for the camera)


The international instructor committee meeting was held on the day after the event, on August 16th

Following the event, the international instructor committee meeting was held.

Keiko Asai (President of IJKA)
Chen Hunt-tsung (Chief Instructor)
Chen Hsin-kuei (Assistant Chief Instructor)
Bruno Kaller (Europe Region Country Head)
Guido Feller (Swiss Karate Association Representative)
Lin maw tsu (The Main Dojo Admin Office Global Section Chief)
Kidokoro Toshiyuki (Instructor)
Chen li theu (The Main Dojo Admin Staff)


  1. Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro, who has just obtained his 6-Dan, was certified to be the instructor of the Technical Office of IJKA. Upon graduating from the university, he studied karate under Master Asai for 22 years.
  2. The Russian member Mr. G has been practicing Master Asai’s karate for a long time, and has a career of almost 30 years in karate. He will be meeting with the members of the instructor committee for his instructor certification next year or possibly earlier. Members are looking forward to the occasion.
  3. IJKA runs like a family. Because of this principle, even from when Master Asai was alive we cared about the administration of each dojo and sought ways to minimize burdens on them. The director of IJKA, Mrs. Keiko Asai reiterated at the meeting that the organization would always consider ways that would benefit them all.
  4. In the spirit of the family organization, we must also care for the administration and the management expense of the general headquarters. Hence, from 2011 the fees of annual membership and such will be set in the currency of Japanese yen.
  5. The host region for the 2011 International Competition was decided. It will be announced with further details.
  6. It was decided to establish a preparatory committee for the 2011 International Competition.

A Complete Success at Master Asai Memorial Event & Tetsuhiko Kan Commemoration Ceremony At Taipei, Taiwan

At the joint event, the students of the IJKA Taipei Main Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan showed enthusiastic demonstrations and this was followed by the Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei and the Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hung-tsung’s demonstration on the Asai Karate techniques, which filled the hall with excited applauses.

In order to showcase Asai Karate, the students’ demonstrations included the Junro Shodan up to the 5-dan, to Joko Issei to Joko Sansei, the world’s newest form of karate, captivating the karate practitioners.

The disciples of Master Asai and their disciples came from all over Taiwan to participate in the event. Some saw old training mates for the first time in 30 years, others a little less; nonetheless a friendly atmosphere dominated the event.

IJKA Honored by Distinguished Guests from Taiwan Presidential Office

IJKA had the honor of having Mr. Rong Yee-jung as a guest from the Presidential Office, who gave a speech and celebrated the achievement of Master Asai.

Mr. Fang Rui wen of the Sports Affairs Council under Executive Yuan, who by the order of the Minister Lee Chia-chin of the Presidential Office, presented a letter of appreciation for Master Asai.

a llter of appreciation for master Asai

Much Media Attention

The event attracted much media attention and many interviews from local newspapers and TV stations were given.

Speech by Director Keiko Asai

Moved by the reunion with Master Asai’s desciples, Keiko Asai, on behalf of IJKA, gave the opening speech.

International Dan Certification Test Taken Place

After the event, a Dan promotion test was held, starting in the late afternoon until late that day. Abiding by the evaluation rules of Master Asai, Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hsin-kuei (7 dan) and Instructor Toshiyuki Kidokoro (5 dan) together evaluated 13 applicants for the Shodan and 3 applicants for the 2 dan. The evaluation for the next test was joined by Bruno Koller, 7 dan, (who came all the way from Switzerland) to evaluate 3 applicants for the 3 dan and 4 applicants for 4 dan. For the 5 dan evaluation, the Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hung-tsung joined the other three judges. 2 applicants for the 5 dan, Wang Xu yu and Zhou Zhi wen, were thrilled to have passed the test, as they had been waiting for this for 7 years since the last test when Master Asai was still alive.
The climax was the evaluation of the 6 dan for Mr. Kidokoro, who was well prepared for this test mastering all new techniques of Master Asai. Mr. Kidokoro trained hard under Master Asai techniques such as Tenshin (Body transfer), even with bleeding feet. The result of the test was a well-deserved pass.

In total 26 applicants were evaluated for the dan promotion at the test.

After Shodan and 2-dan evaluations, Mr. Koller joined the judges for 4-dan and 5-dan tests

Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hung-tsung joined the judges to evaluate Mr.Zhou Zhi wen for 5-dan

Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hung-tsung joined the judges to evaluate Mr. Toshiyuki Kidokoro for 6-dan

The dan promotion test ended after six long hours. Tests were at the IJKA main dojo, Tetsuhiko Kan.


I.J.K.A.指導員会の指導員であるMr.フジワラは、マスター浅井と43年の師弟関係にあり、自宅の一室に、「浅井哲彦ミニ記念館」とも云える、マスター浅井の写真や生前に使ったライター、Tシャツ、スリッパ、其の他いろいろなものと、禁煙する際、最後に吸ったタバコの吸殻まで、ガラスのケースに入れて飾ってあります。 「浅井哲彦の武道館」という意味で「哲武館」の館長であるフジワラさんは、I.J.K.A.本部道場が『哲彦館』となった事に賛同して、哲武館を『哲彦館』改めました。

Schedule Change for Dan Test in August

The Dan test schedule has been changed to August 15th, starting from 16:00pm after the Master Asai Memorial Event. The location is the same, at the main Dojo in Taipei, Taiwan. IJKA Headquarters Administrational Office has received responses from members in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and other countries that they intended to come take the test.

【 Dan Test in August 】

On August 16th, the day after Master Asai Memorial Event, a Dan test will be held in Taipei, Taiwan.
There will be those who are taking 6-Dan test and, in order to follow the Dan testing rules, Mr. Bruno Koller(7-Dan) from Switzerland will be there as a judge together with Assistant Chief Instructor Chen Hsien-Koei and Chief Instructor Chen Hontsung.

Members from outside of Taiwan are also welcome to take a Dan test.

About IJKA Dan Certificates

Late Master Asai had a strong intuition. As if he knew when his life was going to end, he had prepared many Dan certificates signing his name and sealing it with his hanko. He signed his name under Shuseki Shihan and left the official examiner blank. He told me: "When I'm gone, please look after IJKA for 3 years and if my karate is disappearing it is up to you."
Since I accompanied him for close to 50 years, I understand very well the meaning of "it is up to you." It does not mean, "I entrust you the organization called IJKA," but "it depends on you to decide whether it is ok to let IJKA dissolve and Asai karate finish, or to inherit IJKA and do your best for the organization." It has now become his will.
He said this not because of a legacy but rather it was his sincere wish to pass on his martial art - the karate that is not hurtful to body and can be practiced lifelong - to those karate-ka whom he loved: His disciples.
We are restarting IJKA and issuing certificates with Master Asai's signature for Master Asai, those karate-ka who still did not join any other groups out of respect to Master Asai, and those who joined organizations but are keeping Asai Sensei in their heart.
The instructors who judge the dan test will sign the blank space under official examiner.

Keiko Asai

Master Asai's Diary Found

Master Asai kept a diary for close to 40 years, taking up dozenss of notebooks.
What a surprise it was for me when I found them after he passed away. He kept a meticulous record of which country he had visited (and who came to pick him up), what he taught there and which Dan he certified to whom. This will be the supporting document for anyone who needs to prove his/her IJKA high ranked Dan.

Different Dan of organization

When I asked a person from another country what Dan he had, he replied “6-Dan at my dojo, 5-Dan in the national rank, and 3-Dan in IJKA.” I think his explanation makes a lot sense. It would be incorrect to assume that 6-Dan at the dojo translates to 6-Dan in IJKA.

Keep your Dan a Secret?

Another person with a high ranked Dan told me “I don’t tell others my Dan.” This was because the Dan he had is only achieved when you have mastered almost all of the Waza on the Dan evaluation table. He explained that it would be embarrassing if he couldn’t demonstrate the Kata requested by his juniors or pupils, or when he losses the Jiyu-Kumite because he had to go easy on a lower-ranked opponent. Also he mentioned that there were mean-spirited people who would come and compete just to test whether he actually qualified for his Dan.
I remember how Master Asai used to answer any questions, anytime, from whomever, without hesitation. It was because of his hard training.


生前にマスター浅井は言っていました。 日本にいる空手愛好家は週に3回または毎日でも道場に練習に行くことが出来るけれども、外国の方は、技術の高い先生に教わるのは難しく、日本から招いてキャンプを開くのも年に約1度位で、時間的にも経費もかかるので進歩の度合いが思う様に進まない。だから、IJKAの段審査の時は、その人の人間性と空手に対する情熱、そして空手普及に尽力しているなどのポイントも考慮に入れている、との事でした。(それが空手の心技一体に通じる。)



"Tetsuhiko KAN" was established in Taipei,Taiwan.

IJKA Main Dojo has been named "Tetsuhiko KAN" after late Master Asai.

Announcement: Master Asai Memorial Event

The planned Master Asai tribute event on August 15th has been postponed due to insufficient time for planning. It was decided at the Instructor Meeting held in Switzerland on May 13th, on the same day of August 15th, IJKA Main Dojo will host a Master Asai's memorial event in Taipei, Taiwan instead.
At the event, Master Asai's some of the best disciples will demonstrate Asai karate, and the Chief Instructor Mr. Chen Hongtsung will teach a class on Asai karate. Also to be demonstrated are the White Crane Fist technique Master Asai incorporated into Karate, and Qigong exercise that allows you to practice vigorous karate without harming your body.
Considering the economical burden such as travel fees, IJKA has refrained from calling the members to participate, however you are welcome to participate or observe the event if you are interested.

Keiko Asai
President of IJKA

[Keiko Asai Comment]Thank you for participating in The Master Asai Memorial Camp

At The Master Asai Memorial Camp in Switzerland we were able to advance discussions over three meetings with instructors from six different countries: Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. I also had a wonderful time with all the participants and this sense of joy is still lingering in my heart.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to those who participated in the event.

[議事録] International Meeting in Switzerland, May 15th, 2010

At May 15th, an international meeting was held in Gams, Switzerland. The meeting was led by Mrs. Keiko Asai, wife of the late shuseki shihan Asai Tetsuhiko and president of the International Japan Martial Arts Karatedokai Asai-Ryu.
Besides Mrs. Asai. Senseis assistant chief instructor Chen Hsien-Koei (7-DAN, Taiwan), Koller Bruno (7-DAN, Switzerland) and several instructors from switzerland, Riedinger Otto (Germany) and Dormenko Andrey (Rrussia )and Formenton Giuseppe(Italy) attended the meeting.

Mrs. Asai discussed core IJKA principles with the attending instructors:

  1. The organisation is not interestet in competing with any other organisation and is dedicated to teach Asai Tetsuhikos personal style of karate
  2. In an earlier meeting the day before, Mrs. Asai made it clear to everyone that Mr. Kato Sadashige was never appointed as european or world chief instructor of IJKA by Asai Sensei. Mrs. Asai is the legal heir to IJKA registerd with the government of Japan
    The IJKA trademark first acquired by Tetsuhiko Asai on Oct 8th, 1999 was inherited by Keiko Asai as his bereaved family in August 2006. On October 8th, 2009 when its 10-year term expired, the trademark was re-registered under Keiko Asai. (See Certification 1)
    IJKA was registered as a non-profit organization on August 25th, 2008. (See Certification 2)
  3. Administrational office of IJKA is located in Tokyo, Japan, the main Dojo is in Taipei, Taiwan
  4. Supreme technical body is IJKA instructors commitee, which consists of Chief Instructor Chen Hongtsung (8-DAN, Taiwan), assistant chief instructor Chen Hsien-Koei (7-DAN, Taiwan), Koller Bruno (7-DAN, Switzerland), Fujiwara Ed (5-DAN, Hawai USA), and Joel Chinen (4-DAN, Hawai USA), who was just appointed.
    These people are also the members of the Instructor Committee, and we will be selecting more instructors as we go forward.
    These kodansha under the leadership of the Chief Instructor are tasked to develop Asai Karate in the future
  5. National instructors and country heads will be named in member countries to support the masters of instructors commiti
  6. IJKA is not interested in becoming a large organisation, but invites Karatekas of good heart to join and wants to create a family spirit among members
  7. Persons and organisations interested in joining IJKA do not have to go through country heads but can contact IJKA Headquaters in Tokyo directly. This is meant to avoid trouble among members
  8. We will gradually select each country head as well as regional heads.
  9. The regional head for Europe is Koller Bruno from Switzerland, and Riedinger Otto from Gemany has been appointed as the assistant regional head.
  10. Regular Seminars will be organised to increase the technical level of students as well as regional, national and international tournaments. Member countries should cooperate in inviting instructors commiti members to reduce costs
  11. Principles will be set by IJKA Headquarters and instructors commiti to guarantee sufficient funding of Headquarter staff and international events
  12. The planned event on August 15th 2010 in Hollywood is postphoned until further notice

All attending instructors thanked Mrs. Asai for her words and will support her in the endeavor to preserve her husbands organisation and his unique style of karate.


now has grown to have about 20 member countries. It held the first Instructor Committee Meeting at the same time with Annual Karatedo Techinical Seminar, in Gams, Switzerland from May 13th to 17th.
Around 100 people came to participate in the seminar. The participants came from Geneva, Germany, Russia, and also from Italy, from which people travelled over 7 hours in two cars. There, in memory of Master Asai and six national flags fluttering in the air, everyone practiced in an air of excitement.
Assistant Chief Instructor, Mr. Chen, Hsin-kuei (7-dan) led the seminar.
He started karate when he was 7 years old and since then, for 47 years, he has been following Master Asai’s teachings and dedicating his life to karate.
Some of the techniques demonstrated by Mr. Chen were as follows:
- Junro (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Godan)
- Joko (Issei, Nisei, Sansei)
- Heiann Kata specifics (ex. Asai-ryu shoulder snap, Uke and Uchi with the hand-whip technique)
- Other advice included - Asai-ryu only uses one arm for kobo (offense and defense) where most people used both arms, switch from Kiba-dachi to Souchin-dachi (Fudo-dachi) in order to accommodate the hip twist of Joko Sansei, Junro Nidan is Morote-uchi where most people incorrectly used Morote-uke.
The participants who were following the general forms before found the training and the pinpoint advice fantastic, as these were just what they needed.
Mr. Chen also taught the meaning of each movement from Junro-kata, and how to practice it with one against four people. The place was filled with excitement and the red-faced participants devoted themselves to the training (and when not training dedicated the time to record the training on video.)
The seminar drew to a close with a promise from the participants, who were all moved by the Assistant Chief Instructor Mr. Chen’s personality and the training to put in every effort into making it a bigger event next year,

Information about Russian IJKA-Dan-Diplomas

On 13th of May 2010, Mrs. Keiko Asai, President of IJKA, met with Mr. Andrej Dormenko of Russia and talked about the situation regarding Dan-Diplomas.

Mrs. Asai did not sent any Dan-Diplomas to Russia after the death of shuseki shihan Asai Tetsuhiko. Therefore any IJKA Dan-Diplomas given to russian students between August 2006 and 2010 are faked and not registered with IJKA Headquarters.

If you have recieved such a diploma, you may contact IJKA Headquarter and inform them about your status and the instructor, who held the dan-test.

IJKA Headquarter, Japan

Singing Competition Song "My Life Karate Journey"

You sing a song with lyrics by Asai Tetsuhiko Shuseki Shihan, a karaoke contest will be conducted. The winner prizes so spectacular, please join us.

The Purpose of the Karate Song Competition

The lyrics of the Karate Song represent the feelings and the realizations of Master Asai in his 50 some years of teaching karate.
In the lyrics, Master Asai depicts the image of a butoka (martial artist) training hard at karate as: Dateniwa shimenu kuro-obi ni, sessatakuma no ase shimiru (In the black belt tied for a reason, the sweat of long hardship soaks through.)"
Here, he admonishes those who merely seeks high karate ranking titles, and tells them to "sunka o oshimi waza o neri (hone skills without wasting any minute.)"
To those who are causing discord with other karate-ka despite the common interest, he says to "washite ayuman onaji michi (walk the same road with all of you in Peace) and "onore no kokoro hibi migaku (hone my/your spirit day by day)." In wishing world peace, he also adds the line: "Kono michi kuni no sakai naku (No national borders on this road)."
The song was made in hopes that Master Asai's students around the world would hear this and learn the essence of his teachings.

About the Song "Karate Family" At the karate seminars Master Asai used to hold, often he saw big families coming in large vans from adjacent countries, travelling over ten hours. In such an era of the nuclear family, Master Asai was always impressed to see such families with brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, sometimes with aunts and uncles and cousins, get together to work for a common goal. He believed such an environment was the best for children's health and education. That became the basis of this song.


"My Life Karate Journey"
Please download it from here.


1st Prize: $USD100 and Dojo Kun calligraphy signed by Master Asai
2nd Prize: $USD50 and calligraphy by Master Asai signed
3rd Prize: Calligraphy by Master Asai signed


You have to be a member of IJKA


Professional musicians living in Japan

Application method

How to join the competition: send a demo tape (CD or MD) to IJKA General HQ in Japan at the address below:

Kabuki-cho 2-45-5 Shinzyuku Nagatani Building.203
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan

Karaoke Instruments sells.
If you wish to purchase, please let us know by e-mail saying they want to purchase.

Usual price: Japanese En US$15
Special price for singing competition US$10


June 30th, 2010


Winners will be sent an email of notification. The names will also be posted on the website.


For the winner, there will be a performance opportunity at the Master Asai Memorial Event on August 15th, 2010,Hollywood


Please download it from here.