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Recognition of Asai sensei's karate is increasing

I do not practise karate, however, just out of interest I have been watching Asai sensei's karate and his personality for many years.

Due to a life long devotion to karate, Asai sensei has not become "number one", he has become the "only one", as far as I am concerned. This has resulted in him becoming extremely popular throughout the world.

Many people have been inspired by Asai sensei's karate, deciding to follow his way and try out their skills at the many "Asai Cup International Championships". Asai Sensei's popularity is helped by his generous personality. However, what strikes most people on international courses is his willingness to teach any student from any style. Therefore people often make long journeys to attend his courses.

Asai sensei teaches anyone who asks him, regardless of style. I think this is the true spirit of karate. It has never happened before and that is why Asai sensei is the "only one".

As the computers and other kind of conveniences of modern life thrives, the skill which a man has seems to be more precious in the 21st century.

To all lovers of karate, lets join together and learn from Asai sensei !

A passionate fan of karate
Yoshiyuki Higashiyama