Technical Seminar in Italy Ends with a Success

The head of IJKA Italy, Mr. Giuseppe Formenton, also now an IJKA International Technical Instructor, hosted a technical seminar. Over three hundred karate-ka attended and trained under Mr. Chen Tsin-koei, the head of the IJKA technical Office.

Practicing kumite uke

Listening intently to Mr. Chen as he explains wazas in detail Lecture on waza (how to correct small incorrect movements etc.)

Practicing kata Head of Italy branch, Mr. Formenton, teaching participants

Practicing whip-fists Mr. Formenton demonstrating waza

Mr. Formenton assisting a demonstration during a lecture Mr. Formenton giving technical advice

Mr. Formenton training hard next to the head of the technical office Practicing kata

Mr. Formenton explaining techniques Senpai practicing kata

Mr. Chen answering questions during break Mr. Chen giving technical advice during break

from left to right side:Mr.PubioBattistella,Master Formenton,M.C.Hsin koei,M.caliman from left to right side:Fabio Battistella,M.Hsin Koei,M.caliman

Cooling down with a breathing technique from White Crane Fist Seminar ends

Group photograph