? We received this letter from Shanghai

We received this letter from Shanghai.


I would like to briefly explain the reason and the background behind my decision to join IJKA.

Between 2003 and 2004.
Thanks to Mrs. Asai’s arrangement and support from some sponsors, myself and a few others were able to have the opportunity to meet with Master Asai in Shanghai, and participated in the karate training organized by the group established by Master Asai. Master Asai appointed Chief instructor Mr. Chan Hontsung as our karatedo instructor.

I was very thankful to both the late Master Asai and Mrs. Asai for their consideration.

Master Asai then started up JKS and IJKA China headquarters and a Shanghai branch.

After Master Asai’s passing, we continued training and maintaining our organization, under the guidance of the master in Taiwan. During this period, we stopped receiving contacts from IJKA China headquarters and Shanghai branch.

We really didn’t know what the situation was at the time.

In 2011, the masters in Taiwan left JKS. They didn’t tell us to follow them and also leave JKS. Naturally, we ended up inheriting the JKS China headquarters and Shanghai branch, and received approval from JKS General Headquarters.
I myself became the person who was responsible for JKS China Headquarters.

Between 2011 and 2016, I personally put everything towards the development of karate.

During that period, JKS-China used to host international training seminars and dan examinations every year in May. At the same time, I used to take our members to Japan every December to join the training seminar hosted by the Japan JKS General Headquarters.
I also personally kept in touch with the masters in Taiwan, which I thought was only natural.

When we joined a seminar by the Japan JKS General Headquarters again on December 3rd 2016, the masters from the general headquarters stated to me clearly that my personal relationship with IJKA had caused the suspension of the Chinese headquarters membership.

I told them right then to not mix official and private matters.

However, JKS General Headquarters claimed that even personal relationships are in danger of being used to put JKS at a disadvantage.
(JKS during this time has already stripped the membership from the headquarters of two big countries.)

After, the global manager repeated the same thing in front of all the 30 members from China who were there, and announced the two points:

1. Those who have already acquired dan and membership are eligible to contact the general headquarters directly and apply for a branch membership.
2. Many organizations have hostile relations with our organization. The members of JKS are not permitted to participate in any of the activities hosted by these groups.

I personally respect the decisions made by the masters from the JKS General Headquarters.

When I returned to Shanghai on December 5th, I announced to all the JKS members found in the boundaries of China the decisions. At the same time, I declared that JKS-CHINA has been shut down.
Since then, I did my best to close down the organization smoothly.

After everything was completed, I announced to the JKS General Headquarters in mail the following:

1. I respect your decisions;
2. I appreciate all the support you have given me all this time;
3. I will leave JKS.

I applied for a membership with IJKA one month after I officially left JKS. During the month, I did not ask anyone publically to come with me, or join any organization. During this period, for various reasons, countless slanderous comments were made toward myself and to my organization.
I thought that any form of dispute could only harm karatedo, and taint the reputation of Master Asai and the people around him

Master Asai used to say “not refuse those who come, nor follow those who leave.”

I still strongly hold onto the feelings I used to receive from Master Asai.