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2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success

We have just returned from Taipei.
The 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament ran smoothly and ended with great success.
This could not been possible without everyone’s cooperation, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

014浅井盃IJKA台湾国際空手道友誼賽冊子 014浅井盃IJKA台湾国際空手道友誼賽冊子2 014浅井盃IJKA台湾国際空手道友誼賽冊子3

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 2

Congratulatory message from the IJKA Shuseki Shihan
In 1962, my sister came back to Taiwan with her husband, Tetsuhiko Asai-san in tow, who had just won the world’s karate grand championship. I was an acting Shihan of the White Crane Fist at the time, practicing the White Crane Fist and the 7-Jointed Whip under my Sensei along with my kohai students,
In Taiwan, “any comers are our guests.” Especially when the visitor is a husband of my sister and let alone the practitioner of bujyutsu, it was only natural that we set up a party to host him with great hospitality.
After a few good drinks, my sensei and my brother-in-law started competing with their own feverish techniques under the table. After the round my sensei told me that I absolutely must “learn bujyutsu under this person.”
From the next day, my teacher put all of his students under Asai sensei for training. This was the seed of Taiwanese karate. During the mere month he taught us the basic bujyutsu of karate, explained detailed training methods and key points, and gave us a set of documents that further clarified his points.
At the same time, Asai sensei felt the power of the White Crane Fist and the arcana of the Seven Section Whip that he asked me to show him some of the White Crane Fist’s kata and kumite, as well as some points of the Seven Section Whip.
To our surprise, in less than ten days, Asai sensei mastered more than 2/3 of the bujyutsu that took me over ten years to learn. We could not but be in awe of his natural talent for bujyutu and his spirit and the determination for training. Our respect for Asai sensei grew even more.

He then was sent to Hawaii to teach karate there for five years. During those years, we kept learning under him through letters and pictures, asking him about various techniques and problems.
After five years, Shihan and my sister came to Taiwan to spread karate here, as promised. When I was watching Asai sensei performing an embu one day, I noticed that his power was filled with more surprises, his techniques more sinuous, beautiful, graceful and refined. After a closer look, I realized that Shihan had incorporated the essentials of the White Crane Fist and Seven Section Whip into karate. As a result, he was executing offense and defense movements simultaneously, and moving after the opponent but being
able to attack first, which all lead to the even more powerful original Asai Karate.
After a few years in Taiwan, Asai Shihan went back to Sohonbu in Japan to head the Japan Karate
Association’s technical office and Shuseki Shihan. He established IJKA in 1990, and JKS in 2000, and
became Shuseki Shihan for both groups.
Every year, we exchanged visits, and every time I noticed that he added new techniques to his karate.
During the forty years of apprenticeship under Asai Shihan, I always had something new to learn and
experience. His bujyutuka spirit was reflected in everyday human life relationships, and as his bujyutu
attained higher and higher excellence, his butoku, the martial virtue, with regards to human nature
became even more strict. He is our proud Kaiso of the International Japan martial arts Karatedokai
I am happy that we were able to come together today to train and push each other to a higher level.
I am also grateful, and believe that everyone here feels the same, that we were able to have trained
under Kaiso and the first Shuseki Shihan of IJKA, and now have the opportunity to further develop one’s
skills the martial virtue.
the International Japan martial arts Karatedokai (IJKA)

Chen Hunt-tsung
Shuseki Shihan

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 3

We are honored to have had so many participants at the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA Taiwan International Karatedo Friendship Tournament.
In Taiwan especially, many people came from all over the island to celebrate the memories of “the father of Taiwanese Karatedo,” Tetsuhiko Asai.
Including those from abroad, most of Master Asai’s former students brought their own students and their students’ students.

The participants were as follows:

Country:     Representative:

Germany     Otto Riedinger

Italy       Giuseppe Formenton

France      Pascal Fargette

Indonesia    Jonggi WL Tambunan

China       夏佳韵

China(Shanghai)  邱 旭峰

China(Shenzhen)  高泉煕

China(Hong Kong)  王向軍

Taiwan(Pingtung)  呉國華

Taiwan(Taipei)    劉祖誠

Taiwan(Hualien)   宗一忠

Taiwan(Kaohsiung)  潘蔡仁

Taiwan(Tainan)    胡曉明

Taiwan(Chiayi)    許俊翰

Taiwan(Taichung)  栄一信

Taiwan(Taoyuan)   頼啓東

古亭Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 呉憲耀

通安Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 黄博厚

健安Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 楊徳華

中華電信Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 周智文

National Chung Hsing University Dojo 梁洪陶

興雅國中Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan)   汪儒郁

博愛国小道場Dojo (Taipei, Taiwan) 汪儒郁

City of Taipei, Taiwan       林茂椿

From Japan, we had the honor to have the third Soke of All Japan Shaolin Butoku kai,
Yoshihiro Morizane Sensei, who kindly brought ten high ranking sensei’s from his organization and performed an embu.
Morizane sensei and the Shuseki Shihan of the IJKA, Chen Hunt-tsung share a thirty years of friendship over two generations.

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 4

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament ended successfully,
and I was simply moved by the efforts put into this event by the members of Taiwan IJKA Tetsuhiko Kan
and the board members who spent many months preparing for the tournament day and night.
I am also grateful that for the generous donations many people made, which helped pay for the event!
Thank you also for those who showed abundant hospitality who volunteered to chaperon and host international participants with every meal, which they did with passion.
It was very touching and I could not help but be teary to see Master Asai’s students all together, and on the last day hugging each other as they parted.
I am certain that Master Asai was also happy to see that from heaven. So I thank everyone one more time. Thank you.
The participants told me that they were “really proud of our IJKA because IJKA has warmth and the strongest passion towards karate.” I was very happy to hear this.
Everyone’s excitement ran high when Chen Hunt-tsung Sensei showed “Bujyutu Karate,” to which they practiced enthusiastically and happily,
and even higher when the Technical Office head Chen Hsin-koei, who received Master Asai’s strict training for 30 years, performed the kata of “Seiryu” for the first time and taught it to the participants.
After the tournament, we received many calls from Master Asai’s former students from Mexico, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries.

2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends a Great Success 5

We held a press conference on September with many reporters from various newspaper companies and TV stations.





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2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Ends with a Great Success 6

We had a great turn out at the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament held on September 27th.




祝辞を述べる、全日本少林拳武徳会三代宗家 森實芳啓様。



After the opening ceremony, the participants all watched the footage of the late Master Asai showing his karate skills.


The footage was taken at the 1961 All Japan National Tournament (more accurately an international event, as many contenders joined from outside Japan.) He fought with Hirokazu Kanazawa at the preliminary, and continued winning straight through all other rounds against eight tough opponents including Kusumoto, Mikami , and Shirai , and finally winning the championship. The audience watched the footage intently, and those who were inheritors of Asai Karate all expressed how much they missed him.

Touching Performance: Embu at 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Press Conference

At the press conference held the day before the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament held on September 26th in Taipei, Taiwan, boy of a mere six years old頼瑞謙bravely performed an embu along with his sister頼亭論 (senior at her junior high school) and her father頼怡宏. Her cute gestures including stepping ahead of her family before the performance and checking the standing position charmed the people around him.
劉慕慈, now in her third grade, is the cutest karate champion who has been winning all karate tournaments in Taiwan including the Taiwan Karate Tournament. She also claimed the championship at the Asai Cup. What is more is that she is very well mannered and honest that her personality excels her karate skills.
Her performance all around touched everyone.

All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association Performed Embu

We received a congratulatory message from the third generation Soke of All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association, Yoshihiro Morizane sensei, as below:

Congratulations on the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karate Friendship Tournament

All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association
The Third Soke Yoshihiro Morizane

On the occasion of the commencement of Asai Cup IJKA International Karate Friendship Tournament for the year 2014, I wish to extend to you my heartfelt congratulations. I also wish to thank everyone who has spent copious efforts into making this great event a reality.

The All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association’s relationship with the IJKA Shuseki Shihan Chen Hunt-tsung sensei goes back over 30 years, to when my father, the second Soke Yoshitaka Morizane, met Chen sensei. My father travelled to Taiwan to meet a true butoka. He became acquainted with the White Crane Fist Chen sensei, and came to know first-hand the greatness of the White Crane Fist. He told me that he visited Chen sensei on numerous occasions thereafter and maintained a connection with him as fellow butoka, respecting each other’s ryu-ha and techniques. I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude on behalf of our former Soke, to whom he placed absolute trust, for having this good rapport as two true butoka. This relationship is still well and strong today.

Two years ago when we held our All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association 60th Commemoration we had the honor to invite over 30 people, including Chen sensei from IJKA, and see the wonderful embu. As a performance from Shaolin Butoku’s friend organization, we were able to make a good impression to our kenshi and their families for having the breadth and the depth in our connections. Thank you again for participating in our event.

I sincerely wish for our relationship to grow stronger, and our exchange to become even more active in the days to come.

Lastly, please allow me to congratulate again on the 2014 Asai Cup IJKA International Karate Friendship Tournament, and wish you all a great success, and a continued success of the organization. Thank you.

In addition, members from All Japan Shaolin Butoku Association performed the great embu.

1.酔拳-----------福島一生 5段

2.鶴三陣拳------白石弘明 6段 


4.瘋魔杖--------浦 正樹

5.白鶴拳---------森實信二 6段

6.拳相対---------中山富雄 7段、浦 千治  


この動画は、白鶴拳---------森實信二 です。

2014浅井盃IJKA国際空手道友誼賽 開幕演武

映像は、前 城所俊行(国際指導員) 後 向って右 汪儒郁(国際指導員) 後向かって左 紀邦彦(台湾IJKA指導員 2014浅井盃IJKA国際空手道友誼賽 形、組手総合優勝者)

2014浅井盃IJKA国際空手道友誼賽 開幕演武
國際技術局長 陳興桂 (形:青柳)

映像は國際技術局長 陳興桂の演武 (形:青柳)