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Asai sensei does not adhere to any styles

We, the Hong Kong Police Karate-do club, used to train Goju-ryu style in Hong Kong. We respected Asai sensei for many years. 5 years ago we asked Asai sensei to come to Hong Kong to teach at our club and Asai sensei agreed. We respected Asai sensei because we admired his technique, personality, and the fact that Asai sensei will teach anyone regardless of their styles.

When Asai sensei went to Hong Kong to teach, everyone admired his character and technique so much that many people from different styles came to the Hong Kong Police Karate-do club to train together. We decided from then on to follow Asai sensei and not the Association.

We do not need a Japanese association to learn karate.
To be able to learn under Asai sensei himself is more important for us !